Malaysian Indian Street Food! | Dancing Rojak Man in Penang!

Malaysian Indian Street Food! | Dancing Rojak Man in Penang!
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Malaysian Indian Street Food is some of the best food in the world. Whether on the street or in a restaurant, you usually can’t go wrong. Here in Penang, Malaysian Indian street food is all around. I found this Rojak Pasembur stall on Gurney drive, and while I can’t say it was the best I’ve had, it was still an awesome experience because this Rojak Man loves his job and dances all day to the beat of whatever song is on the radio while chopping up the ingredients in the Rojak.

Malaysia has some of the best Indian cuisine and best street food in Asia because of it’s multicultural core of Malay, Indian, and Chinese fusion.

I’m a huge indian food fan, and while this wasn’t the best food in Penang, it was still worthy of trying out, and there are other stalls around too that make Rojak and Pasembur worth trying when done right. I love the Malaysian street food and it is what is going to keep me coming back for years to come.

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  1. $5.22 is tourist pricing? thats damn cheap for the amount of food you got. Same / similar plate here in Vancouver would be like $20 – 35

  2. These rojak sellers around Gurney Drive love to rip you off. Wait until you add a crab into the dish, it'll cost you hundred bucks.

  3. In the last trip to Penang, Gurney Drive was in our itinerary at first, but in the end we didn’t go. Now I really want to go and have rojak!!

  4. I hope this man is still doing exactly this, to this day. He is genuinely a tourist attraction!

    I just hope he's as happy as he seems, ha hah. Internet fame can go many ways…

  5. 로작할아범 그러케 에너지 소모해서 정성껏 팔아봐야 기껏해야 1개에 3천원밖에 못벌어 에너지 소비하지말고 그냥 대충대충 장사하라구ㅇㅋ? 이게바로 대충대충의 나라 코리아 장사꾼의 개같은 장사법임 ^^

  6. The singing is just over the top. I think RM22 is a little steep :/ You can actually get the BEST one inside Batu Lanchang Market for RM10 or less. Once you have that, no turning back!

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