Lady's Finger Recipe By my Granny Mastanamma

Lady's Finger Recipe By my Granny Mastanamma
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Grandma’s Style Tasty Lady’s Finger Recipe | Stuffed Okra Recipe By Granny Mastanamma


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  1. Subscribed.. 🙂 nice one grandma.. and please dont give cold drinks to her,instead give tender coconut and other healthy food to grandma… stay healthy….:)

  2. I had this bhindi it tastes awesome lil bit of mango powder will enhance the taste or tamarind paste.. But the best thing is the way u people sit n do the work as a family.. I miss those days wen i was small n had this type of gathering

  3. please take rest granny, u need that…. take care of ur health and ur cooking looks so delicious,,, u sit and instruct them……

  4. my kind request is please dont give her this shit drink(contains insecticide) which can reduce her life period especially in this age. do u like to  live another 30-40 years from now. I do. I love  u grandma

  5. I absolutely love your grandmother. She is strong, she is a fighter with a heart of Gold… Please take more care of her so God will take care of you. And kiss her hand for me. I love her hands…<3 <3 <3

  6. Love your videos so much! Thank you for all your hard work making these videos! Granny is so inspiring and humbling. The music is so calming. Seeing your smile in every video is the best! It brings back lots of memories of my grandma. You've touched so many people's hearts around the world. Take care and be safe Granny! Sending lots of love and hugs from U.S.A.

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