EXOTIC LAO FOOD – Bile Meat Laap, Green Banana Salad & Raw Duck Blood in Vientiane, Laos!

EXOTIC LAO FOOD - Bile Meat Laap, Green Banana Salad & Raw Duck Blood in Vientiane, Laos!
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Welcome to the ultimate Lao food tour of Vientiane, Laos. This was an amazing day of eating in Vientiane, and I’ll include all the details of where and what we ate below.

Khao Gee Mae Sab – First thing in the morning we met up with Joe for breakfast. He took us to a place called Khao Gee Mae Sab, specializing in baguettes with pate and other cured meats. One of the best things about this place is that they make everything they use in house. Their pan of eggs was a great way to get started on this food tour.
Total price – 66,000 LAK ($7.94)

Wat Si Saket – We also did some travet attractions within this food tour day, so after breakfast we walked around Wat Si Saket for a little while.
Entrance – 10,000 LAK ($1.20)

Tam Luang Prabang – Thanks to Joe, this is one of the best green papaya salad spots I’ve ever had in my life. The owner is from Luang Prabang, but even in Luang Prabang I didn’t have as good of salad as here. Her green banana salad was also unbelievable.
Total price – 102,000 LAK ($12.28)

Patuxai – One of the main landmarks of Vientiane is Patuxai, a war memorial, to remember the struggle for independence in Laos.

Pa Kham Tan Restaurant (more details: https://migrationology.com/laap-restaurant-vientiane/) – Again, a huge thank you to Joe for this recommendation for laab (laap, also spelled larb sometimes in English). Laab is one of the ultimate dishes of Lao cuisine, and this restaurant serves some of the best laab I’ve ever had. I loved the bile, and the strong and colorful use of herbs.
Total price – 123,000 LAK ($14.80)

Anna Grilled Duck – For dinner we met up with new friends to eat at Anna Grilled Duck. Along with grilled duck marinated in fish sauce, the highlight of the meal was baeng pet, raw duck blood soup and toppings. It’s a delicacy in Laos, and it’s unbelievably delicious.
Thank you Mee and Billy for dinner!

It was an ultimate day of delicious Lao food in Vientiane!

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  1. Wow! Hi Mark, Ying & Micah?. The bile meat laap & green banana salad sounds and look very attempting to try here in my home town of Pahoa, Hi. But that duck liver w/ blood dish, ya no attempt ever will that be in my near future hehe lol! But in the mean time I'm gonna wait & watch the rest of ur Vietnamese video clips to confirm my choice of ordering your experience choices. Thanks Mark ???

  2. חג המופלטות המרוקאי הינו חג ברברי ומאחל לכל המרוקאים במדינת הגנבים לקבל סכרת ..בעזר השם

  3. Mark I know that you are telling the truth. All the food that you have consumed today are my absolute favorite. Soooo delicious. Love the neem vegetables as well, most of all those hot spicy chilies, OH YEAHHHHHHH!!!! ????????????The best!

  4. Would love to meet your local Vientiane connections, as I am currently working in Laos for a few months (almost finished). They would be great Tour guides. I plan to fly my Thai wife to Vientiane towards the end of my contract, so that we can experience a bit of Laos before I move on to another country for work.

  5. Hey Mark it looks so good and bursting with flavors. I bet your wife get so full in between your meals. Y'all eat so much so close from last meal at times… Love u guys

  6. The duck blood salad is a favorite in my family, literally to make it into a jello consistency is about 7 parts fish sauce to 9 parts water, then mix it with the blood and let it sit until jello-ish , wanna visit my home one day never have

  7. Phet gaam is one of my favorite dishes that my Lao parents have instilled on me. Still trying to learn it from my dad. Enjoy, cuz this will be lost with the new generation. Thanks Mark!

  8. Even after years of eating with this guy, there are still a few videos I go back and watch again…. this is one of them. What a series of meals this day, absolutely ultimate, a properly good day of food touring. WOW

  9. mark thanks for all the awesome videos!

    do you ever get sick from eating things like bile laab or raw blood? any countries where you have consistently gotten sick? really curious!

    thanks so much

  10. I love the pureness of your foodblogs! The kindness and respect you have to the people. Food, places and people from the heart. Thanks for sharing.

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