How To Make chicken nuggets| Crispy Chicken Nuggets Recipe By Country Foods

How To Make chicken nuggets| Crispy Chicken Nuggets Recipe By Country Foods
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How To Make Chicken Nuggets | Crispy Chicken Nuggets Recipe By Country Foods


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  1. hello, can you please let me know 2 things: what oil is used to fry the chicken? second what seasonings were put on the chicken after the yogurt mixture. Please please respond… wait 3rd question is there a way we can order the spices used on this channel? please please answer me i would love to try some of these dishes at home

  2. Its not proper recipe, you did not shown here what did u added to chicken for the taste, just shown Egg, Curd and Bread powder, is it enough to make Chicken Nuggets.. Now a days Country food had lost the goon.. need to improve again…

  3. Why do you edit your front picture of the videos you dont have to do that, in a good way. Your granny is the best. I wish i could eat some of that food

  4. Grand daughter is sooooo pretty!!!!! Beautiful when she smiles! Please, tell her. & awsome job, keep up grannys recipes, we ❤️ watching. ?

  5. I love!❣ you're a beautiful woman and your recipes are great? success and good life ? cariños!! from argentina?

  6. Hello Country Food friends. I love your channel. I admire the grandmother Mastanamma, she is wonderful. I hope you get better soon. I congratulate Rajini for inheriting his grandmother's talent. I hope to see you both soon, cooking together. A hug from Colombia.

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