Funny Women Drivers 2017 – Epic Women Driving Fails #10

Funny Women Drivers 2017 - Epic Women Driving Fails #10
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Funny Women Drivers 2017 – Epic Women Driving Fails #10 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!

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  1. They really are inferior the Bible does say women submit to men what's worse than a dumb woman driver a dumb Russian woman driver?????

  2. This shows that motherfucking cops need to be fired if they do this shit. He needed to tell her why he stopped her, no need to break window.

  3. My sister has been driving 42 years, and I don't think ONCE in her life, she has parked her car properly!! She has no idea or Feeling for where her fenders are , how close she really is, or how far FROM SOMETHING she is. She can be 10 car lengths from someone, and if their brake lights come on, she slams on the brakes!! If a semi pulls in front of her, she'll slow down and follow the semi at 55, 60 mph for like ten minutes, THEN go AROUND it and get back up to 70 mph. She kills me !!! Lol.

  4. One hundred percent proof would require the totality of feminine vehicular idiocy on display within this thirteen minute lesson on confirmation bias. If I was to attribute a sound to this attempt it would be a vinyl record being ripped, reverberating throughout the multiverse.

  5. People may take issue with the last scene where the black woman didn't want to roll down her window all the way. Let me be clear on this point: there is no law that requires you to fully expose yourself to a psychotic cop such as this one. In fact, in Texas, a woman was pulled out of her window space, dragged across the street, beaten against the curb, and later died while in custody, all because the cop felt disrespected by her very rational fear of him!
    The federal appeals court ruled that you do not need to roll it all the way down, just enough so that you can communicate and be clearly heard. He could pass any documentation through the 4 inches of open window with no problems, but he insisted that she obey his pointless commands.
    Second, there are only a couple of driving infractions which allow an officer to detain you: driving under suspension, reckless driving, DUI, speeding at 30 + over the posted limit, etc. none of which this woman did.
    Again, you ,may think she was wrong here but the cop was the one who demonstrated his complete lack of knowledge of the laws and couldn't even express to her a viable reason for detaining her. He should be charged with assault and destruction of private property for his ILLEGAL behaviors, she should be going to the bank to collect her settlement from the city, county, or state. after which, he should be looking for a job as a security guard or garbage collector!
    Since the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, we've had an excess of young men who have gone through hell and have been trained to act like psychopaths with a complete lack of respect for life. A great number of these men came back and got jobs doing the only thing they've been trained to do, become a cop and act like an asshole, brutalizing the American public! Few if any have been desensitized to the horrors they experienced in those war zones and are severely mentally imbalanced!
    This clown was a perfect example of this mental illness and should never have been allowed to have a gun or a position of authority! He's worse than Eric Cartman from Southpark! I've run into a few of these guys and it takes next to nothing to set them off! They're worse than the radical leftists, running around burning and breaking things, claiming that the new president and the republicans are evil, mean, murderous monsters! Now they're even taking shots at republican congressmen at the baseball field!

  6. In the past 4 years I've had 3 traffic incidents… all caused by women (rear ended twice, and run out of my lane with no signal). Why do men pay higher insurance premiums again???

  7. the last officer who was yelling at the woman for not rolling down the window is an idiot. Their is NO law requiring people to role their windows down all the way at a traffic stop.

  8. As a woman, I don't drive/act like this. Some of these women are idiots. That last woman was the dumbest of all. The officer answered every question repeatedly and gave her plenty of warning. She was just full of excuses.

  9. Ok I have a disorder where my body is unable to produce histamine..also I am the 7th degree zen master and also a Buddist monk but at the end of the video I was cursing that lady like

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