Bike vs Car – Cyclists on a crosswalk

Bike vs Car - Cyclists on a crosswalk
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Bike vs Car – Cyclists on a crosswalk – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. cars/pedestrians/bicycles/mototcycles/tractors/ no matter how they move from A to B chance of major accident looms in horizon……….ALLWAYS , russians are either fucking morons OR they just dont care if they live or die.

  2. 1:19 Who in the blazes rides a bike and doesn't even look to see what cars are going to do. Geez when I ride my bike I move my head everywhere because you never know when you get that one car that tries to run you over on purpose

  3. Maybe the cars are at fault, but I see a lot of idiot cyclists who just ride out in traffic like cars are going to magically stop on a dime, or in some cases just pedal right into the side of a car. Wtf…

  4. i hate cyclists,  marathonists,  ugly people who believes they have super rights!!!!!  t.v. Media loves this kind of people….  easy fools and big consumists!!!!

  5. На велосипеде через переход НУЖНО ИДТИ СЛЕЗАЯ С ОННОГО !!! А не ехав по нему и ломая своего коня, себя и авто владельца. Перед переходом тормози ВСЕГДА, никто не знает что думает автовладелец, тем более соблюдай ПДД

  6. новое правило водитель останавливается перед зеброй выходит из машины и перекатывает её в ручную через зебру . вот прикол будет . Водила тебя пропускает на зебре а ты такой хули сидишь в машине машину надо через зебру в ручную перекатывать

  7. In Australia the Law is that cyclist have to walk their bikes across a pedestrian cross walk. I assume that is so an approaching vehicle may see them in time to begin braking. Problem is that because cyclists don't have any form of registration showing so very difficult to get the offending cyclist to pay for any damage they did to the car in the collision. In Australia we don't have to carry ID cards as we don't have them.With the amount of Cyclists on the roads these days they should be made by Law to have a licence similar to a car and also have compulsory Insurance same as a car.

  8. Do people think that cars magically stop when they're trying to use the zebra crossing? God, some people are stupid. It's fine to be stupid at home, but at least use your brain on the road filled with human-killing machines.

  9. They are looking where the tire is going and not even turning their heads, and they ought to be able to see over cars, but no.

  10. Here in BC Canada, pedestrians are required to stop before entering a cross walk so as to give traffic the time to stop. This is why biking or even running across a crosswalk is bad, cars need time to see you and stop!

  11. Dumb-ass bicyclists: bikes are vehicles, therefore you should OBEY the rules of the road as they pertain to you. Like riding with the flow of traffic, using proper signals – not a MIDDLE FINGER, wearing a helmet, & riding your bike in the street if you're an adult. It's a wonder that more of you aren't killed or injured due to your idiocy.

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