French bulldog playing , giving birth to cute puppies

French bulldog playing , giving birth to cute puppies
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The French Bulldog is a small breed of domestic dog. “Frenchies” were the result in the 1800s of a cross between bulldog ancestors imported from England and local ratters in Paris (France).

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  1. lmao for some of you saying she was raped, and that she tried to run away, that’s not running away. if you have dogs or had seen them in action they play fight before they mate. it’s natural even without the guy positioning her it would’ve happened anyway so stop saying it’s rape.

  2. I am livid that this “dog midwife”; actually picked the pup up IMMEDIATELY after birth, to begin cleaning it! That’s mothers job, and it serves a purpose!

  3. ये माेदी नापुन्सक काे क्या मालुम कैसे कहाँ से क्या कर्ना चाहिए ?इसि लिए ईश बेकुफ का बिबिने छाड दिया साले काे ।हा हा हा

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