Nunchuck to the Face: Fails of the Week (June 2016) | FailArmy

Nunchuck to the Face: Fails of the Week (June 2016) | FailArmy
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You’re in luck! We have another awesome collection of brand new fails! This week we have a man taking a nunchuck to the face, a mishap on the slopes, and more! Submit your videos to


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Guy Hits Himself in Face With Nunchucks
Drone Crashes Into Flag and Falls Into Water
Lacrosse Ball Bounces Back Into Teen’s Face
Dog Shocked After Getting Bopped on Head With Tennis Ball
SUV Slams Into Front of Speeding Truck
Woman Trips Over Slide While Playing With Puppy
Dog Wants to Bring Big Stick Home
Girl Lies About Chocolate
Dog Looks Guilty After Chewing Chopping Board
Guy Uses Friend’s Motorcycle to Take a Shower
Dog Head Stuck in Jar
Dog Sits on Little Boy
Little Girl Tries to Perform Magic Trick
People Narrowly Escape Being Struck by Runaway Truck
Little Girls Put on Too Much Sunscreen
Dogs Chew Up Pile of Owner’s Paperwork
Guy Rides Skateboard While in Trash Can
Guy Skims Pond on Motorcycle and Falls Into Mud
Girl Falls on Chin Attempting to do a Cartwheel
Kid Scatters Baby Powder All over Room
Man Faceplants Riding Hoverboard Cart
Fire Erupts Underneath Car
Girls Try to Show off Acroyoga Skills
Skydiver Falls Into Crowd
Kid Falls Off Surface Lift While Skiing
Guy Falls Off Recliner
Guy Demonstrates Sexy Skills for Dating Video
Woman Slips During Outdoor Dance Routine
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  1. You shouldn‘t include these „I confront my pet/child for having destroyed my stuff“ clips. They are not funny, because they were made intentionally and parents who upload embarrassing clips of their kids, just for satisfying their need for attention should not be supported.

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