Woman and Car – Women Driving Fails 2018 #16

Woman and Car - Women Driving Fails 2018 #16
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Woman and Car – Women Driving Fails 2018 #16 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. I hardly think you can blame 5:40 on the lady driving the red car… the cam car was clearly speeding and she had no way of seeing him through the black car he undertook, when he squeezed passed that taxi at 5:47

  2. First clip … where did she/he got the license from? I mean seriously … governments NEED to re-think this driving license shit. I have seen 12 – 14yo kids drive better than that.

  3. 5:40 it was entirely the asshole in the cam car going way too fast that caused the problem. One minor correction and he barely held onto control of the car, what a moron.

  4. Second clip at 0:28 is a tough one to see. I had to replay the clip a whole bunch of times myself, but if you look VERY carefully at the pole that's right on the corner that has what appears to be a no trucks sign mounted on it, you'll see an anchor jolt at the same instant the Land Rover does a nose-stand. A cable had fallen onto the road, got tangled up in the front end of the SUV, and caused it to almost vault over itself.

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