Lady was left for dead on the side of the road for 24 hours until someone bothered to call for help!

Lady was left for dead on the side of the road for 24 hours until someone bothered to call for help!
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Some of the neighborhoods here in Los Angeles are pretty rough and only thanks to your support we can save their lives. #TonyRobbins offered to match your donations, so please please please help us reach the goal… we are 67% there:

Special thanks to our rescue partners at L.A Animal Rescue for finding Lady such a perfect home! If you live in Southern California and you’re looking to adopt a new family member, please check them out and all the cuties they have for adoption:

Thank you so much for sharing our rescue videos, for liking the videos and for subscribing – you are really helping us more than you know. #HopeForPaws

Thank you #Marshmello for inviting Lady over. If you missed Mello’s song on our video, here is the link for you:



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  1. Oh how wonderful it must have felt to have laid there for 24 hours and then feel loving hands touch and help her. Oh that precious face at 2:35. WONDERFUL! She was beautiful even when she was matted and dirty. What a gorgeous little girl once healed and groomed. I LOVE that flying leap she made (in slo-mo). Thank you so very much. This is a definite share! <3

  2. Some people treat their luggage. Better than they treat living animals. I would say that they should be ashamed of themselves. But most of them have no shame. Their lives must be so sad and pathedic.

  3. sou do brasil apesar de não entender quase nada do que vcs dizemeu entendo a lingua dos animais quando sofrem qdo estáo feizes e quando estão tristes,beijos eu amo os animais de paixão e amo voces LOrena pelo que fazem. Obrigada quando puder mandar um dog para o rasil eu fico com ele beijos tiau

  4. Thank you for making such a sad thing so much better, Eldad. You are so amazing! I’m so glad she’s safe and well now! ??

  5. Unfortunately lots of humans are evil and selfish and they won’t stop to help anyone or any animal , I hate that kinda people

  6. Omg so happy you saved her ❤️❤️Beatifull dog //ALSO I KNOW THIS IS SO IRRELEVENT BUT I KEEP GETTING THE RACHEL HUNTER UBER EATS AD AND ITS SO ANNOYING anyone else getting that ad

  7. What's wrong with humans is that they're more concerned about themselves these days.. Thanks to Paws those lovely dogs can feel love from real human beings not the monsters the that deserted them!!

  8. Thank you Lord, for having us this PAWS organization…..if it not because of this group…what will happen to this animals.

  9. I just don't get the fact that why ur videos have dislikes?? One can definitely get that u guys r doing such "Long Haul" behind each animals.. even when it is successful or not.. I just don't get that are people not able to understand d content of ur videos or.. dey r neurologically abnormal.. that what you great guys doin is selfless help n showering kindness n love to dem.. running behind dem.. hurting urselves in meantime of ur missions.. I mean who does this?? Now look at this video n tell did anyone stop in past 24 hrs to take that pup to vet?? Not even anyone else in dat area. Yet I see dislikes on videos. Shame on d people doing this. Can't help a mute thing n showing even their character by hitting dislikes. Ugh. Ps.. I am Gobsmacked on ur each rescue mission n God please bless each one of you all for understanding mute's emotions n feelings..!! All d love to you guys.. Hats off to you..??

  10. Greetings from the UK. You could see that she was hanging on for help, and the second she got on that blanket was like a scene from a war film medi vac. The sigh of relief from her, as she knows she's safe at last.
    I absolutely adore the job that you guys do. If only others could give as much care and compassion towards these animals as you do. Hats off to you all. I applaud you. ???

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