Eating Juicy and Dripping Doner Kebab in Istanbul | Turkish Food

Eating Juicy and Dripping Doner Kebab in Istanbul | Turkish Food
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This doner kebab is a classic Turkish Food, a favourite of Istanbul locals. There is so many istanbul foods to try, but this one was one of my first. It was juicy and dripping red juice as the chef cut away layer after layer of heavenly lamb. You can find this as a turkish street food on the corners or you can have it at high class restaurants overlooking the city. I went for the middleground, and went to an average place that was recommended by a local friend.

In actuality, he told me that he has had better doner, but we had to settle for this one because the place with the best doner was closed for ramadan. As my first try of doner kebab and one of my first tries of Istanbul food, I was really happy with the outcome. Juicy, nice lamb flavour, just the right amount of fat, a little crunchy from pickles, and a good amount of mayo to give it that nice extra kick. BOOM!

The only complaint I had was the wrap was a little too much bread, I like a full mouthful of meat and less bread, but this had like half and half.

This restaurant was in besiktas. The famous place for doner that we wanted to go was here:

Karadeniz Pide ve Döner, Beşiktaş Merkez

This place was right across the street from it.

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  1. its the worst fucking kebab i've ever seen

    PORTION FOR A KID, and who the fck eats it with mayo and ketchup

  2. Lmao I had döner in Pakistan that's more authentic than this. Döner is all about devouring the lamb and not ketchup, mayonnaise or mustard

  3. Istanbul is not good at food. You need to visit one of those cities for food: Gaziantep, Adana, Hatay , Bursa , Kayseri, Kahramanmaraş , Konya, Urfa, Mardin

  4. Ketchup and Mayo ? French Fries and pickle ? Man please go with who knows the spot very well. This is not a place that eat some doner. Commercial places to get earn extra money. Real doner bread is like ciabatta or panini, with no pickles, fries or sauce, only meat-onion-tomato-lettuce or some places has chopped parsley onion(which is good) and salt, chili flakes(optional).. This is not a Doner. And what is the music behind ? Are you in Egypt or Arabic country ?

  5. sauce on top,, nah!! seperate, in a tub,,all the sauce on top off keebab,, no good!! its not rocket science!! as for the speed of his guy,, looks like he,s worked in a factory, on a convayabelt,,

  6. You need to try döner in germany because the first döner was make in germany. Im from turkey but i know that the döner in germany daste really good i can say it tastebetter then in turkey

  7. In my town, if you want a sphincter that resembles the sewerage system of downtown Cairo, then you must treat yourself to a large donner from our greasy chums at Kebab City.

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