Bad Food in Koh Samui

Bad Food in Koh Samui
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For our first few nights in Koh Samui we stayed at Santiburi Beach Resort:

On Day 3 in Koh Samui, it was time to check out of Santiburi Beach Resort – as much as I wanted to stay for a week at the resort and relax and enjoy the beach, it was time to move on to Lamai beach. But before catching our truck to Lamai, we decided to have a quick lunch at a restaurant to eat a dish called khanom jeen, and the southern Thai style of it (ขนมจีนใต้). We went to a local restaurant recommended by some of the staff at our hotel, who said they served good Koh Samui style khanom jeen. The restaurant was very small, just a little roofed covering in front of someone’s home.

Ying ordered a bowl of khanon jeen nam ya kati (ขนมจีนน้ำยากะทิ), rice noodles with fish coconut curry over it, and I ordered

After lunch we jumped in the back of a rot songthaew and drove from Mae Nam beach (าดแม่น้ำ) on Koh Samui’s northern coast to the eastern coast and a beach called Lamai – also a very popular tourist beach. We thought we were going to be able to take a direct truck there, but it dropped us off on the side of the road near Chaweng, and we had to wait for another truck to take us on to Lamai – luckily it didn’t take long for it to arrive.

We arrived right into the town of Lamai, and I had pre-booked a hotel called Lazy Days Samui Beach Resort, which was a little walk from the center of town down to the next beach. We checked into our hotel and after hanging out for a while we walked around. The beach right outside our hotel was not amazing, not the best beach for swimming, and there weren’t a lot of options for buying food either. For dinner, since we didn’t really feel like doing much, we went to a restaurant right on the beach. It was a terrible decision. The food was horrible!

That completes Day 3 of our short trip to Koh Samui.


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NOTE: I was invited to stay at Santiburi Beach Resort from my blog (, not from my videos. But I personally decided to make this vlog just on my own because I wanted to. All thoughts and opinions in this video are my own.


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  1. i am laughing so hard right now… Mark is such a great guy. And he said he know this is what al been waiting for, the food was horrible.
    Even it was horrible, he is still gentle… gotta love Mark!

  2. I think this is a very important video in the context of all of mark weins because it proves that he isn't just saying he likes everything.

  3. I loved the honesty In this video, not everything taste out of this world delicious. We watch to see what we really want to try and what is best we stay away from ??

  4. Me caí de mi silla, cuando dijiste que la comida estaba horrible,yo siempre veo,que hasta moscas son proteínas,wowwwwwww tu vista y paladar,están ejercitarse,quiere decir que tú estás improve your skills I love youuuuuuu &&&&&&&&&.

  5. Me I would have sent it back but not sure you can do that and some countries. And I know because you're doing the food blog you have to call it for what it is. But I would at least told management how bad it was and have them try the salt sorry Mark that's just me . A bad food experience doesn't usually make your day any better

  6. Mark, you are great! Come to Atlanta and have the fried brussel sprouts at Darwin’s Burgers & Blues for the Sean Costello Memorial Fund for Bi Polar Research benefit concert next April. The sprouts are amazing! They will totally wow you! Oh wow!

  7. First time he doesn't like something, thanks for keeping it Real Marc. I've been to places where the food is not that good either, lol !!

    Another video when you were in Mexico tasting street food you said a posole was too salty. Luckily you said that adding the onion, cilantro and lemon saved the soup. Thanks for being honest. By the way I think your eyes let us know if you liked the food before you actually tell us. Love your work Marc ??

  8. @ mark Wiens, I love foodalso! Whenever I travel local food is ALWAYS at the top of my list. I really enjoy your videos mate.. and as a food lover, there have only been 2 things in my whole life I can't even bring to my mouth. The first is porridge and the second is Asian (Indian lime pickle). And I love "strange" food! Keep the video's coming bro! All the best

  9. At 8:34 there was a fly on the food which seem to fly away within 2 seconds … when Mark Wines said it's bad, it's worst …he also ate dirty unhygienic Sri Lankan foods as well and gave kudos to those foods…but this one is seriously something wrong….(or perhaps he was so upset for getting a room at the end of the hotel)

  10. Yet, this young gentlemen still managed to give a honest truth while maintaining a smile. This young man has some of the most big beautiful eyes, I've seen in a long time.

  11. Hey Mark.The flat fish you ate raw in English is Flounder.In Alaska they are a cold water fish and grow to giant size and are called Halibut.Very good eating!You should do a video of going out and catching them and going back to eat Halibut.Thanks for reading

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