THE WORST ROADS or How to Destroy Your CAR

THE WORST ROADS or How to Destroy Your CAR
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THE WORST ROADS or How to Destroy Your CAR – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. If the pot holes are that bad get a bucket and some driveway stone and fill them in lazy people the government shouldn't have to everything for you I mean it takes under a minute to dump a bucket of stone in a pot hole and it makes them allot less abrupt and harsh on everyone's vehicle..

  2. This is what u call potholes ..come to india ..u will find potholes bigger dan buttholes ..
    I challenge u to drive or ride in india ..

  3. The speed limit is max speed when road conditions allow well everyone knows that roads are bad so just go like 20-25 kph

  4. If people would drive their vehicles instead of holding the and push the pedals they would avoid hitting the holes. Its your damn fault you hit it pay attention and don't follow to close this wouldn't happen!

  5. United States, I thought your country is so rich and prosperous and you think you are #1 in the world , yet you can't fix your roads?…..USA pathetic

  6. i would travel full speed on most of these roads. with large tires you float over most small to medium pot holes. what the suspension is for

  7. I bought my current car cheap after the previous owner in the north east of England drove over a pothole so deep it dented the front wheel, took out both offside tyres and set the driver's air bag off!

  8. It's almost like if the roads in the US and elsewhere had been strafed with gun fire, unguided rockets and bombs from A-10's, predator drones or something.

  9. A lot of countries are running out of money… They won't tell you they are, but, you can see the yearly reports yourself and see it. The cup is empty, and the bowl is empty, what's left is what's sitting on the plate…

  10. Looks like the roads around here in NW NJ right now. Trying avoid those potholes around here is like trying to play Twister with your car.

    Ack… this whole video sounded expensive. Xx

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