Bad Drivers World #863 || CCTube

Bad Drivers World #863 || CCTube
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Bad Drivers World #863 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. 11:55 – Assholes on motorcycles cause the crash, then drive off and avoid responsibility. Typical.
    12:57 – I'll bet assholes blame the cyclists riding legally instead of the dumbfuck passing illegally.

  2. 7:40 – Two idiots made for each other.
    8:55 – Why do people (justifiably) shit on Prius drivers but not Ford Fuckwit drivers? They're just as bad.
    10:07 – The one with the camera is also a fucking idiot for tailgating, but he probably "thinks" he's perfect.

  3. 5:03 – I was expecting the BMW driver to be the idiot. They always are.
    5:35 – The good news for that driver: he left enough room that he didn't hit the car in front. He won't be blamed for that.
    7:20 – What sort of fucking idiot gets out of a car that isn't parked?

  4. Bikers really think they can do whatever they want on the roads huh… haha ??‍♀️. Anyways, great video. They keep me being a good cautious driver???

  5. Wow, at 4:23, the red car going the wrong way on the highway flashes the on coming cars as if they are going the wrong direction!!

  6. 2:13 I still don't understand why people drive head first into a 90 degree parking spot. You need a kilometer of space to get in, and it's impossible to reverse out safely due to the massive blindspot.

  7. @3:50 If you hadn't been trying to stop him from overtaking then he would have been past you and the truck in front in plenty of time. You're not a fucking cop, so stop trying to act like one

  8. You watermark your video with “Driving Fails & Road Rage” so can we please stop including clips of dogs in crosswalks?

    We get it, animals can cross a road.

  9. When other vehicle on a lane beside you is ahead of you and blinking to merge in front of you, the common sense is to slow down and let them in. Road is there to share but some drivers think they own it and what difference it would make if you don’t let one vehicle in because there are 500 more vehicles in front of you. Morons!

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