Splashing People! (Asshole behind the wheel…)

Splashing People! (Asshole behind the wheel...)
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Splashing People! (Asshole behind the wheel…) – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. Hey I wanted to get splashed one day when it was pouring rain and I was looking for someone. I was wearing a bright yellow rain suit. No one even tried to splash me. ?

  2. I was gonna do it to this women I saw on the side of the road but then I saw she had a little tiny toddler with her, I’ve never swerved so hard to avoid that puddle?

  3. If you do this intentionally, you're a dickhead!!! People are mostly going to school/work when this happens and now they have to sit drenched all day because you can't get your kicks elsewhere. Idiots!

  4. That happened to me at a bus stop I was only 6 and it was my first time in the area and my new house and I had no clothes to change into because it was my first time going to the new house and I was waiting at the bus stop to go to my new house and I got soaked

  5. where I am from in Kabylia I walk all the time near water pools in the road and no one actually splashes me, I pass like 11 pools everyday same road, every car slows down or just avoids it or honks at you from far away, I always thought about this and wanted to buy a car because I knew some day I will get splashed but it never happened and yet I bought a car lol and now I always look out for water pool before passing by with my car :)) Kabyle people are nice and proud they care about other people to a stupid level, kind of, that's why they failed in life.

  6. If a driver accidentally hydroplanes into someone and kills them while doing this, it's murder.
    Not worth the risk.

  7. Hope the jackasses get the favor returned with a bloody face when their heads hit the dashboard. Karma with interest.

  8. When I was 13 who often got bullied in school having to walk to school every day and someone did this to me and I cried. In the school for 6 hours with my filthy wet uniform

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