My 106 grandma Homemade Delicious Pizza |Country foods|

My 106 grandma Homemade Delicious Pizza |Country foods|
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Yummy Bread Pizza By 106 Mastanamma


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  1. Hi.. I'm a great fan of all ur recipes…. plz plz plzzz make a vedio of spicy chicken gudaalu (babberulu) sircilla style plzz plzzz plzzzz

  2. Hey grandma! These videos are so relaxing and calming for us to watch. The best part is that they take their time with each ingredient, treating it with so much respect and care. No rush to make a 30 minute quick dinner, but a tasty and well prepared meal with all the small steps. No shortcut here. Love it so much ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  3. Awwwww amma you are so sweet and old it's time to take rest not to do such type of hard work. Who upload this video idiot Amma ka age ka to kayal rakh lete

  4. granny your recipes are outstanding you proved that you dont need those expensive things to make these delicious things you are using nature nature is best i dont know why others use digital love you granny best of luck getting subscribers

  5. Granny is not healthy lately see needs proper health checkup channel guys take her to medical treatment we seriously love her but not in this condition

  6. Anyone else wonders where are the women and girls in this village? I don'tknow much about Indias culture but I consider it a bit weird why they don't eat/usually aren't featured in the videos…

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