Hafiz Rojak, Cooking, and Thai Seafood in Langkawi (Day 6)

Hafiz Rojak, Cooking, and Thai Seafood in Langkawi (Day 6)
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Day 6 on our trip to Langkawi and we got a later start than the other days. Our first stop was at Pia’s The Padi, which is a restaurant in the middle of the rice field that serves a variety of both Malaysian and Western styles dishes. Along with being a restaurant, the owner Jimmy, also offers cooking course. The course was more of a demonstration, where Jimmy showed us his techniques of cooking a variety of different curries, most of them very Indian influenced, yet his own unique style. Though it was more of a demonstration than a cooking class, it was interesting and he makes some pretty awesome curry pastes and sauces. After we finished eating at Pia’s The Padi in Langkawi, we continued on for the day.

Since we weren’t too far away, we stopped at Temurun Waterfall, which is one of the highest waterfalls in Langkawi. The waterfall didn’t have a lot of water in it at the moment since the heavy rainy season hadn’t yet begun, but there was some water and it was nice to see and to spend a few minutes relaxing there. After the waterfall we drove over to Hafiz Rojak.

Hafiz Rojak is a very popular set of food trucks that sets up along the beach. Though the main dish they serve is Malaysian rojak, they also have a handful of other dishes to try. To begin with, their rojak was amazing – a mixture of different fruits all mixed up with sweet prawn paste and topped with peanuts. The mixture of rojak was incredibly delicious, not too sweet, but just perfectly well balanced with a hint of a shrimp flavor and a lovely peanutty flavor as well. After the rojak I sampled a dish called mee rebus, noodles topped with all sorts of ingredients, and then covered in a shrimpy gravy sauce. The sauce was a little salty and sweet, and had a definite shrimp flavor. It was pretty good as well. Another dish Hafiz Rojak is very famous throughout Langkawi for is laksa, noodles with curry, so I wasn’t going to miss their version of laksa. The laksa was of the variety with no coconut milk, so it was just pureed fish and spices covering thick udon style noodles. I thought it was incredibly good – along with the rojak, they were my two favorite dishes at Hafiz Rojak. After the laksa, I continued eating with a dish called Pasembur, a Penang style dish (the owner mentioned she was from Penang originally). The pasembur included a mixture of julienned jicama and cucumber with a bunch of toppings on top and covered in another brown gravy sauce. This time, instead of being shimpy, the sauce almost had a caramel flavor to it, but not quite as sweet, though it was a little on the sweet side for me. As we were eating at Hafiz Rojak in Langkawi, it started to rain hard, so we got a little interrupted, but luckily that didn’t hinder the delicious snack foods.

Continuing on for the day, since it was very rainy we canceled most of our other plans and just hung out until dinner. For dinner we went to a restaurant called Kedai Simpang, a Thai Patani restaurant serving both Malay and Thai food. We ordered a number of dishes all to share, and many of the dishes were very Thai in taste. The pla kahpong neung manao, fish steamed in lime juice sauce was outstanding, as were the other dishes. Since Thailand is so close to Langkawi (just an hour away by ferry), Thai Malay style food is extremely popular in Langkawi. Dinner at Kedai Simpang was marvelous and we then drove back to our hotel (The Andaman) and went to sleep.

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Pia’s The Padi
Temurun Waterfall
Hafiz Rojak
Kedai Simpang Restaurant

Note: I didn’t pay for anything in this video, it was sponsored by LADA (Langkawi Development Authority). That being said, all opinions expressed in this video are my own.


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  1. Thank you very much for the video Mark.


  2. I really love to see ppl who enjoys eating food as nobody's business yet looks skinny. God grand me that type of body.. me in real 1 huge food can make me go fat..

  3. Just a tip mark. When you try out the food you can actually see if you like it or not, when you’ve just tasted something and you like it you react way faster and when you don’t like something you studder and don’t really know what to say, btw this is a positive comment, keep posting cool series like this one??

  4. i enjoy your vlogs/shows like I love Anthony Bourdains shows and travels…your my new Anthony and I mean that with all due respect to him and you as well

  5. Im sorry to say this, im originally from langkawi. Thats is not truly local way to enjoy our local dish, n the spot also is typical for tourist.actually there is much better hidden gems in langkawi.mark wiens sorry to say this, u just wasting ur time with the Malaysian tourism especially in langkawi.

  6. Hi mark and ying…if you want to eat fresh fish in sarawak orang ulu you have to come and visit Bakun paradise food there are so many type of fresh fish there.

  7. If your job is to travel and eat. And getting paid as well. Meaning that even after all of tht food from morning to 5 o'clock is still processing, you still hv to force yourself to eat more for the audience and money. The last part of this video your face is dying from the inside out haha. But i like your reaction after every single bite out of everything hahaha . Superb.

  8. Beef rendang… yes! I started watching your video because i was looking for rendang recipe in youtube.. i missed my favorite.. I am homesick here in the US. When I saw you eating rendang at my favorite padang restaurant Surya in Bendungan Hilir, Jakarta… I was so shocked… Since then.. I am your follower hahhahahah… Thanks a lot Mark… I have been enjoying your video….

  9. Langkawi, this Louisiana woman dreams of visiting. Visiting places I never even heard of! Thank you. Quick question, you are famous for your "one biters". Have you ever put a big spoon of something that looks and smells delicious , only to find once in your mouth it is quite nasty? You are so polite and I know try to never hurt anyone's feelings, but have there been times? Also, in college my Speech professor told me he was gonna drag me out from under that magnolia tree….at the end even he admitted defeat. If we go to Langkawi or The country you have adopted….will I understand or be understood?

  10. I wanna go to Malaysia lankawy, so much to do and so much to eat but I live in london and I am scared of flying and the flight is to long.??

  11. Indian food in the middle of hot and humid paddy field? Nayyy. Langkawi is near Phuket and South of Thai. Fresh, sweet and sour type of food are more suitable for that heat.

  12. Thanks for sharing your Langkawi adventures with us. I will have to make plans to go check it out… perhaps during the LILAC event.

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