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  1. Mastanamma ajji has cataract in her left eye. And it's completely matured and she can't see anything from her left eye ?. Until it's operated. So I request the team to kindly get her cataract surgery done as soon as possible. I doubt Now it can be done or not. That's completely matured 100% .

  2. i really love dadi's recipes but i wish u wud still use the home ground masala instead of the store bought ones :(…it was so nice to see dadi making her own masala

  3. Thanks so much for posting great recipes. I love watching the videos.. love you granny, you remind me of my grandma… Granny,Please get yourself checked for cataract… looks like you have cataract on your left eye … we want you to take care of your health so we can keep learning from you… with love..

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