Spiral Buffet: The Most Amazing Buffet I've Ever Seen! (Manila Day 4)

Spiral Buffet: The Most Amazing Buffet I've Ever Seen! (Manila Day 4)
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On Day 4 in Manila, Sofitel Philippine Plaza in Manila invited us to go to their Spiral Sunday brunch / lunch buffet. Since I had already heard about it from others, many of whom said it was the best and grandest buffet in the Philippines, and maybe in Asia, I was pretty excited to have the chance to try it out.

We arrived right as the sunday lunch buffet started, right at 12 noon, and we first met the manager who showed us around the buffet, and explained the philosophy of the buffet. At Spiral Buffet in Manila they have 21 different food ateliers, which is French means artisan workstations – so at the buffet they mean different types of cuisine and stalls. So there are basically 21 different types of cuisine to choose from, French, Indian, Filipino, Thai, and a full cheese room, and fresh cold Japanese section as well. As soon as we sat down, we were poured a glass of champagne to begin with. There are two different prices for the sunday brunch buffet – you can either go with unlimited alcoholic beverages (champagne and wine) or you can go without alcohol. If you’re interested in drinking, the former option is a great option.

I had no clue where to start eating, so I just went with the food that was the closest to our table – the cold Japanese atelier – including a full tuna sitting and waiting to be sliced by the piece. After my plate of sushi and sashimi and caviar, I then had a plate of Filipino food including crocodile adobo and the infamous balut – a fertilized boiled egg – all of which were pretty good. I then had a plate of Indian food, French food, and some Japanese hot food too.

What I really liked about Spiral Buffet at Sofitel Manila is that even though it was so incredibly grand and so extensive, the food was cooked in small batches, so it wouldn’t sit too long before being finished off. This way, the food remained fresh, and hot, and though it was a buffet, the quality was truly top notch. I haven’t been to too many hotel buffets in my life, but this was easily one of the best buffets I’ve ever seen or eaten at.

Spiral Buffet, Sofitel Philippine Plaza, Manila
Address: CCP Complex Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City, Manila, 1300, Philippines
Phone number and contact: (+632) 551-5555 and fbreservations@sofitelmanila.com (reservations on a Sunday for lunch are recommended)
Website: http://www.sofitelmanila.com/en/spiral.html and http://spiralmanila.com/
Prices: 4,092 PHP per person with alcohol, 3,378 PHP per person with no alcohol
How to get there: Spiral Buffet is located Sofitel Philippine Plaza which is at Manila Bay, not far from the Mall of Asia.

Disclosure: We were invited to eat at Spiral Buffet, so didn’t pay for our meal. But everything in this video, and all thoughts are my own.


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  2. Dude, You're at a buffet in a hotel. Stop acting like you're always in a 5 star restaurant and give it up with the ridiculous faces.

  3. Wow nice food and i like the way your eating and expression and why can't you explore Southindian foods in tamilnadu we like to welcome you to madurai and virudhunagar

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