Boondi Recipe By Mastanamma | Country foods

Boondi Recipe By Mastanamma | Country foods
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Boondi Recipe By Mastanamma |Country foods


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  1. Plz plz meri is bate ko granny maa tak zaroor pohncha Dena.granny maa ap plz Musalman ( Muslim) ho jae. Ap na itne zindagi guzari ha plz meri kawahish ha jab ap is dunya sa rukhsat ho to imaan ki salamti ka sat jae.plz mere is bat ka bura nahi manna. Ak Martaba dil sa sochna is bare ma.plz plz.

  2. Have been working like crazy and have not had time to catch up on Granny (or your other channels 🙂 ). I am happy to see Granny is still active and enjoying cooking for her family. Many people have commented that she looks tired. I think we all have to accept the fact that she is very very old. I know you take good care of her, just as I know she is stubborn and set in her ways. If there comes a time that she cannot make cooking videos, then so be it. Maybe then you can just give us video updates every so often of Granny in retirement. God Bless Mastanama and her family.

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  4. When i see grand mum cook it make me remeber of the time i was in indian my friend mum use to cook a sweet food for me its so nice ??? it always make me feel of going back to indian again???

  5. I love Grandma!! I have a VERY serious question I am hoping she can answer. It could help save a life. I have a friend who is in DIRE need to lose weight. I have so much respect for your country and way of life. If she doesn't lose weight and quit smoking soon she is going to die! She really needs to quit smoking and has tried many many times and failed. You all live so long. I really admire all of you. I told her I would ask you what can she do to lose some weight quickly? Not so much quickly but safely. She also has a larger heart now. And to help keep her alive? Erercise is not easy on her as she had a accident and is in major back pain 24/7. She is so scared she cries herself to sleep at night. I trust you would have the correct knowledge and wise words of wisdom without being cruel. She has started taking tumeric pills and apple cider vinegar. It's a start. Please help me help her. Thank you 🙂 Please no rude comments from anyone.

  6. You gave me an idea to have my great grandma who is in a village near you to make videos! She gets up at 3am some days to prepare dishes, best food ever

  7. Dear @countryfoods,

    I enjoy your videos. In fact, my whole family does. I always wish for granny for her to live another 50 years with full of health, happiness and prosperity. Although I noticed in this video. She has cataract. Cataract is formation of a layer of the eyes. It is a common problem among the elder people. It can be removed by medical procedures. Kindly get Granny checked in. It will interfere with her vision or else.

    Best wishes.
    Dan. xx

  8. Im sad for grandma, she looks tired, i'd like to bring her to a good doctor if i could, maybe we can help her all together cause i think she doesnt have access to the best drugs

  9. Love the video…but feel sad for her….get a cataract operation done to Mastanamma left eye…ypu guys should take care of her first!!!

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