Making Egg Chicken Pasta | I am Sure The Taste Can Beat Any Costly Restaurant | Street Food India

Making Egg Chicken Pasta | I am Sure The Taste Can Beat Any Costly Restaurant | Street Food India
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Making Egg Chicken Pasta | I am Sure The Taste Can Beat Any Costly Restaurant | Street Food India.

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  1. Caption mein, can ki jagah – can't aana chaiye tha..
    I mean, Use "Cant" instead of "Can" in the caption…

  2. Mujay to koi paise day ker b kahye na to main is galay saray stall per na jaun Allah Mauf keray itni galazat main bana huwa pasta TOBAH TOBAH!!!?

  3. Hmm!☺ Genuine ingredients, nice cooking skills… but camera samne tuku uncomfortable mone hoy ☺ pasta ta thik thake mone hoy?

  4. Its nice sister..i wish tum life mai bohot age jao..god hamesha sath hai..or jisne jisne pan change karne keliye bola hai,ulta fulta comments kiya hai, unko yaad diladu,iye aap logoki ghar nei hai..bade bade bat bolne mai or sune mai acha lagta hai,dam hai to eisa kuch karke dikhao..
    Yaar kaha kaha se ajate hai iye sab comments karne keliye…

  5. It takes courage to eat such food. Everything is done with a lot of dirt, at no time do they wash their hands. I do not understand how you manage to live with such poor hygiene as it is bad for your health. Food seems good, but , I would not eat, because of the dirt that exists.It is distressing???

    You confuse poverty with filth, when in fact they are two completely different things from each other. He may be poor, but he cares for clean things, such as washing his hands while preparing food, because it is something sacred, applying in all everyday situations.

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