Animal Rescue Compilation 6 REAL LIFE HEROES

Animal Rescue Compilation 6 REAL LIFE HEROES
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Real Life Heroes Compilation 2019 Part 48 Restoring Faith in Humanity [ Good People ]


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Videos featured in this episode:
Amazing Rescue of a Deer with an Unforgettable Ending
Cat’s life saved after being rescued out of fire
Deer rescued from sure death
Dog Rescued After Getting Trapped In San Diego Storm Drain

Hero Cop Risks Life To Save Dog on Busy Peruvian Highway
Police officer helps crying mother duck in the city
Puppy stranded by rising tide rescued by paddle boarder
Rescue of a Fox Cub with head stuck in a tin can
Rescued Baby Hummingbird
Мужчина спас собаку из ледяной воды (Man saved a dog from ice river)

Music: Silent Partner – Grass

REAL LIFE HEROES – Part 28 Faith in Humanity Restored

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  1. I used to be a volunteer in an emergency service, and we rescued quite a few animals and birds. The one that sticks in my head most is of a huge kangaroo which fell into an underground water tank when the roof gave way. Took us about two hours, but it was such a great feeling to watch him hop back off into the bush. That was after he had a bit of a go at a couple of us rescuers though. He obviously felt very threatened, till he realised that we were trying then to leave him alone to run free.

  2. ces vidéos sont effectivement très touchantes. Et comme on a pu le constater il existe bel et bien des hommes et des femmes qui ont un cœur pur et qui n'hésiterais pas à se mettre en danger pour sauver l'autre (animales ou humains). Le seul et énorme problème des ses vidéos c'est qu'on perçoit l'être humain comme le sauveurs, alors qu'il est la cause directe des problème (le canard n'arrive pas à traverser la ROUTE, le faon est prisonnier de GUIRLANDES ou bien de MURS) bref, vous avez compris. Le but de ce commentaire n'est pas de dénigrer les héros qui ont sauvé quelqu'un ou quelque chose, mais de dénoncer l'activité humaine qui est la cause directe de la venue de ces héros. je suis pessimiste mais je vous aime quand même.

  3. I'm waiting for the video where they release an animal back into the wild and right after the release it is attacked and killed by some animal higher up the food chain. you know that has to happen eventually, sad as it may be.

  4. Omg don't you see what we are doing to the enviroment? Look at the deers! There habitat is gone because of us. If we want to survive then we would have to treat animals like a home and guess what? Tigers and Blu whales are going extinct and if they go extinct we won't live

  5. People inspire to do good deep deep goodness for the goodness to need you you love you you love it you have it you need it you get to be you because of humanity be you

  6. And who says humans are going to destroy this world ? Not all humans are bad but I know that if people like this continue to help the bad ones will continue to learn from us.

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