Fails of the Week: (October 2016) || Fail Army

Fails of the Week: (October 2016) || Fail Army
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Happy Friday! Here’s the best fails this week has to offer. Hope you enjoy, and let us know which video was your favorite in the comments section. Got a fail? Send it over at! Cheers.

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Original Links:
Groomsman Faints During Ceremony
Skier Flies out of Control and Crashes into Snow
Woman Gets Hit in Face by Middle Car Console–qVq-G4q94
Girl Breaks Hammock and Falls
Guy Swims in Flooded Street
How Not to Get off a Roof
Guy Does Bench Press on Self-Made Web
Tire Swing Hits Little Girl
BMX Rider Fails on Ramp
Old Lady Almost Falls While Jump Roping
Champagne Bottle Pop Fail
Girl Tries to Ride Scooter for the First Time
Man Faints after Doing Deadlift
Guy Trips Off Diving Board
Security Camera Catches Lawnmower Fail
Paraglider Cliff Jump Fail
Baby Chases Pigeons
Cat Skeptical of Cucumber
Bass Player Falls off Stage
Raccoon Steals Cell Phone
Woman Freaks out over Buffalo Drool
Paraglider Crashes Into Trees
Guy Rages Too Hard at Party
Cat Hates Decorations
Handstand Results in Broken Fan
Guy Slips While Exploring Natural Baths in the Carribean
Baby Drops Cake
Guy Trips and Falls On Top of Girl in Pool
Guy Tries to Balance on Surfboard
Trampoline Jump Fail
Guy Stuck on Zip Line Used as Target Practice
Bouncing Guy Faceplants Mat
Acorns Flow Out of Attic
Grandma Tries use Lawn Mower
Newlywed Couple Fall at Ceremony
Stubborn Bridge Won’t Be Demolished
Guy Swims in Flooded Street
Skiing Off Log Fail
Guys Try to Park Scissor Lift into Building
Man Epically Flies off Blob
Corgi Plays Games while Being Mounted
Kids Break Lamp in Front of Chill Mom


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  1. If you are going to use a knife to open a bottle,useless you have pinpoint acurracy like me, just hold it against lid and flick your wrist dumbass

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