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About the Author: Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest


  1. I laughed when Jamie pulled the stuffing out of the lion. Is that a laptop she's holding? Did she order the stuffed animals?

  2. I​ bet Burrito was taunting his big Teddy Bear buddy with, "My daddy is stronger than YOUR Daddy".HaHa….. Such a very VERY sweet video….

  3. This is so funny! The chimps must have been puzzled as to what all these giant furry stuffed creatures were! Burrito was getting quite rough with them, hahaha. As for Jamie, she had the right idea, using the stuffing from the giant toy lion as bedding! Briliant video. 🙂

  4. That’s it MR. Burrito, smack them around n show them who’s boss?? but the real boss Jamie showed thoughs stuffed animals, who the boss really was ??she tore them up ??and if no one likes it they can take it up with Boss Jamie ????? Christmas present is in the mail for them ??

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