Rescued Dogs Feel Grass For The First Time

Rescued Dogs Feel Grass For The First Time
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Destined for slaughter, these dogs are getting a second chance.

Video by Emily Watson

Thanks to our friends at Humane Society International for sharing their footage!


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  1. My parents didnt er meat for decades lived on dried fish raw fruits and edible veggies grew in their yard and never killed nor ate dog meat in their lifetime. Their dogs were killed or stolen from them. They were poor saved money paid cash for their school. Is that a reason to earn money. Live? By eating dogs?

  2. So heartbreaking that dogs are used as food in some parts of the world… there's just something inherently and fundamentally wrong about eating a species that is so socially ingrained with the human race as our friends.. not to mention the immense contribution they made to us throughout human evolution in terms of hunting, protection, herding etc.

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