PEOPLE ARE AWESOME | Awesome Dads & Kids Edition (ft. OneRepublic) | Father's Day

PEOPLE ARE AWESOME | Awesome Dads & Kids Edition (ft. OneRepublic) | Father's Day
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This week’s compilation is a father’s day special, a celebration of all the awesome dads raising awesome kids! Bring out the rockstar in Dad, give him the music he loves for Father’s Day! Buy Here:

OneRepublic – I Lived
Get “I Lived” by OneRepublic here:
Check out their new song “Wherever I Go,” now available

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0:00 – Little Boy Skates with Dad

0:06 – Kids Wake Surf with Dads

0:14 – Dad Training Little Gymnast
0:21 – Calisthenics Dad Does Planche with Son

0:26 – 2 Year Old Climbs Indoor Rock Wall

0:30 – Baby Skateboards on Halfpipe

0:38 – Dad Wakesurfs Holding Baby

0:43 – Dad Pushes Kids in Mini Cars on Ramp

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These 2 keep me pretty busy.

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0:46 – Father Weightlifts Twins

0:52 – Dad Tries to Copy Daughters Front Handspring

0:58 – Baby Tries To Do PushUps

1:06 – Josh Bridges Watches Son On Climbing Wall

1:18 – Little Boy Skates Half Pipe

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Rawwwwwwr #KalawaianuiSkates ?

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1:22 – Dad Flips on Trampoline with Son

1:30 – Babys First Time Surfing

1:38 – Little Girls Tries to Skip with Dad
1:44 – Father Does Human Flag with Daughter
1:46 – Young Kid Lifts Weights with Dad

1:54 – Dad Does Pull Ups with Son Hanging on Him
1:58 – Toddler Plays on Horizontal Bar
2:03 – Father Does Plance With Son

2:10 – Dad Walks Down Stairs on Hands
2:18 – Little Boy Jumps on Weights

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I had Brayden start with one plate. He jumped, then I added another plate. I kept doing this until he got to seven plates high. Each jump got harder not only because it was higher, but because his little legs were getting fatigued. We did three sets of this and each time he got to the seven high he couldn't do it. This was the last set. I didn't take "no" for an answer. I wanted to show him that I believed in him. If he saw that I believed in him, it would give him the confidence to do it. It's amazing to see a 3 year old go from fearful to confident that quick. #ProudDad #Confidence #Believe #Athlete #CrossFit @crossfit #CrownTown #Fitness @mrs_willette ? cred Jukin Media Verified (Original) * For licensing / permission to use: Contact – licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom

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  1. I saw this on facebook with another song. Some of the lyrics of that song were "we can last forever I'll run to you". Any ideas which song this is? Thank you have a nice day and Happy Father's Day!!♡♡

  2. Throughout my childhood my father was distant and nothing was ever good enough for him. As an adult he ensured that I knew how everything I did was a failure, including knocking up my wife and producing an unwanted grandchild. He was there to criticize me for becoming addicted to Xanax and for being a bastard of a man when I came off of it, all in the same sentence. And finally he makes sure I always know what a colossal disappointment I am to him and that I fake my problems just so I can get attention. Until I was in my twenties, I thought that was just how fathers were.

  3. What awesome parents, .. & what fantastic kids .. what confidence & belief in themselves will they grow up with? … they will grow up to be high achievers & great human beings …..

  4. Me my mom and dad are fighting because my mom faith him with another girl she called the girl bit** I hate it maybe my parents will get divorce I am scared . And we are only 4 siblings I was crying at my bed :(Part

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