How to rescue kittens with a feral mom

How to rescue kittens with a feral mom
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Take a trap, neuter, return (TNR) class:
Kitten and mom trapping scenarios:
Fostering feral cats safely:


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  1. what a wonderful video!!! i especially loved the “behind the scenes” watching mama cat play with her kittens when you guys weren’t in the room. also, very helpful of you to show how you opened and closed the carrier door, while still protecting yourself.

  2. i did the same for a feral. now i have 3 kittens for life. (meowie, karma (the siamese kitten) and little bit (the runt). ya ware gloves… my mama cat i named her GINSU. give you one guess why. they want love just scared. wont give them up for the world.

  3. I love this channel so much. The content, the high production values, the music–it's all so well done. Plus, there are KITTENS here! What more could one possibly want?

  4. Sinverguenzas: han separado a una madre de sus hijos porque ellos creían que a ella no le importaría. Especismo 100%. Los animales tienen también vínculos con sus crías. Qué asco de personas.

  5. All of my cats that I have had I have rescued. My first girl, Cricket, was found behind an outlet mall in some shrubbery going up and down the street meowing for food. My little demon, Boo Kitty, I found on the side if the road, he had been struck by a car and was prone to seizures. Both of them are doing fine now and get along with my dogs and I love them so much.

  6. There's a stray calico like her in my neighborhood I believe she's my cat's mom and he looks just like Phoenix. I rescued him because he was starving and begging for help. He had clearly been separated from his mom for a while.

  7. WTF!! She is not better off outside! This is not a wild animal, that you released into it's natural habitat. Its a domesticated species. I've been working with feral cats and kittens and yes, it takes patience, time and money but you can get them accustomed to humans – you already made some progress. In my country it is not even aloud to set feral cats/kittens free again. America all over again.

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