BMW Drivers Compilation – Car Fails 2018

BMW Drivers Compilation - Car Fails 2018
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BMW Drivers Compilation – Car Fails 2018- Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. 4:08 the dumb ass woman behind the wheel is also at fault. Bitch slammed the gas pedal even though she clearly sees the BMW in the middle of the street

  2. BMW… Sad history…
    For those stupid people driving insanely : guys, please just pick an Audi QUATTRO, those are better, and they will SAVE LIFES !!
    I don't mean you deserve it, but other road users do

  3. What does BMW for you stupid motherfuckers? Do you forget about 100-s solaris-psychos, 1000-s AutoTAZ slowpokers, 10000-s Toyota-fapers without sense of selfsafe and 100500-s STUPID MOTHER FUCKERS WITH small eggs and LARGE EMPTYNESS IN HEAD on WWGroup shitcars?

  4. You cunts criticising BMW drivers as if they're all bad are basing it off a fucking compilation video where it's one BMW after another. That does not account for the millions sold worldwide and the multitude of people driving them sensibly.
    Pick any popular car make and you can make a compilation video of it just like this one.
    You shallow pricks are stereotyping because you think it's trendy but it doesn't make you right or accurate.
    Look on YouTube and see this same type of video for Honda, Audi, Merc, Ford, Toyota, Supercars…
    You have no idea wtf you're talking about. Buying a brand doesn't suddenly make you a stupid, inept driver. You either are or not.
    You can sell your sensible Volvo and buy a BMW, doesn't change you instantly into this stereotype you people seem to think of.
    Similarly, if you sell your BMW M3 and but a Ford Fiesta 1.2, are you still that BMW arsehole or are you now ready to appear in the Ford video compilation and be criticised for being a Ford arsehole ?
    Do you see how stupid you are being by stereotyping ? There are tossers in all makes of cars on the road.
    Compilations make the weak minded see things differently.

  5. I REALLY hope that last idiot is someday in EXTREME pain in the back of an ambulance that gets blocked ALL the way to the ER!

    I was being rushed to hospital after a drunk CHANGED LANES to plow into us while we were stopped at a red light when a likely drunk nearly ran the ambulance off the road. The poor EMT almost needed an EMT herself!

  6. Is BMW drivers just as bad drivers as those driving LADA or are LADA drivers still the worst drivers in the world or is it all just coincidence that none of then can drive?

  7. It's long been my understanding that before you can own a BMW you have to past a special test which you have to show you cannot drive, you cannot park in a single space, you cannot use indicators, you ignore speed limits, and that you own the road.

  8. бля это ж какой надо быть чушкой ебаной, что бы вот так вот в тупую ехать и не пропускать скорую ! надеюсь эта скорая ехала к его жене или детям, долбаёб сука !

  9. Кто бы что не говорил. Но 99% кто садится за бмв. Любого года. Им по ходу дела в очко вибратор с сидухи засовывается. Становятся пидорами.

  10. BMW drivers thinking "Look how cool i am, jealous yet?", "Dude ,the fuck? You think you're driving a Lamborghini?? ".Last one, masterpieces asshole.

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