What Happens When You Adopt A Pit Bull | The Dodo Pittie Nation

What Happens When You Adopt A Pit Bull | The Dodo Pittie Nation
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What Happens When You Adopt A Pit Bull | After you adopt a pit bull, you’ll never be the same ???

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  1. They kill you or something someday!!!!!!! Look it up …….. I've a hundred people dead or mutilated just this yr already by pits!!!!!!!!!! Some people had the dogs for 8 yrs since it was 6 wks old and was a great owner but their PITBULL turned and they was eaten alive!!!!!

  2. I've had dogs all of my life, but for the last twenty five years I have only had rescue pitties. They are simply the most beautiful, gentle and amazing dogs!

  3. I got a staff and it’s so disgusting how people treat these types of dogs when they are so gentle I’m 14 and I got a staff farting snoring sleeping next to me for the rest of his days

  4. Yes! If you don't see how sweet pitties can be from this video then…smh. Oh I just love everyone of them!!!!! I could watch the zoomies all day!!!!!!!

  5. All my life I have never met a mean Pitbull but they are always on top 10 most dangerous dog breeds while at the same time I can't count how many chihuahuas have chased me down the road trying to bite me

  6. I want another Pittie so badly My mom had a mix when I was a teenager, one of the sweetest dogs we've ever had. They're lovey and derpy and look like froggies. I want to get one and buy them all the PJs in the world.

  7. If mankind would take a minute and listen to the dogs we'd all be a lot better off. Wouldn't it be great if we could eliminate most of the scum that makes up the human race and save and protect all the animals?

  8. The thing that truly warms my heart is being able to scroll down these comments and not see a negative comment anywhere. This is truly one of the biggest steps in the right direction

  9. When I grow up I wanna make a program to stop abusing dogs especially pitties , WHOS WITH ME!☺️ ( and rescue animals of course ) any type of animal)☺️ the name of the program is called ( paws and found ☺️?)

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