Ultimate Idiot Drivers Fails on Dash Cam – Crazy Driving Fails and Stupid Road Rage 2017 July #616

Ultimate Idiot Drivers Fails on Dash Cam - Crazy Driving Fails and Stupid Road Rage 2017 July #616
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Ultimate Idiot Drivers Fails on Dash Cam – Crazy Driving Fails and Stupid Road Rage 2017 July #616 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!

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  1. Me at nearly every clip: "Idiot…two idiots…two idiots meet on the road…an idiot meets an idiotic elk…roads full of idiots…slow idiot…idiot without drivers licence…one idiot hits two other idiots…"

    I don't get it. Australian dashcams – nothing happens. US-dashcams – too slow cars cause accidents. Russian dashcams – totally destroyed cars, heavily injured bystanders and ruined infrastucture.

  2. I have stopped and removed a laying down turtle out of the street, but I have never seen a guy have to stop and remove a laying down Drunk out of a street ..
    Until today??

  3. the last one was the most brutal, I almost cried watching the poor lady trying to revive the dead carcass, it was a hopeless endeavor. In russia they have no seatbelt law and the citizens enjoy it so heartheartily, thereby ergo few people survive the high speed collisions so frequently encounter in the mean streets of mother russia. RIP brave russian pilots (they fly down the streets and cannot legally be call drivers) your sacrifice for the motherland is well noted. May you fly fast in vahalla, you earned your peace.

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