Pet Rescue: 9 Perfect Pet Adoptions & Rescues | The Dodo

Pet Rescue: 9 Perfect Pet Adoptions & Rescues | The Dodo
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To celebrate National Pet Day: 9 awesome adoption stories that purrfectly symbolize the day! What was your favorite story?
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Rescue Pig And Kitten Do Everything Together
– To help Santuario Igualdad Interespecie build a new playground for their rescued animals, you can support their latest fundraiser:

Dog Dumped On Road Can’t Stop Wagging Her Tail
– To help support Mercy’s ongoing care, please visit The Abandoned Ones Animal Rescue: Follow them on Facebook for updates on her road to recovery:

Shelter Kittens Born With Dwarfism Find The Best Mom
– To help other pets find their forever homes, please visit Operation Kindness: Follow Chip and Adele’s adorable adventures on Facebook:

Pizza Guy Rescues Dog During A Delivery
– Special thanks to Steven Donovan, you can check him out on Instagram:

Rescue Bunnies Snuggle Together All Day
– Keep up with these adorable rescued bunnies on their Instagram: Big thanks to Special Bunny Rescue for giving rabbits like these two a second chance:

Cats Rescued From The Street Now Go Hiking And Camping
– Follow Bolt and Keel’s travels, on Facebook:

Pitbull With Rare Disorder Finds A Dad Who’ll Do Anything For Her
– To help Ayita’s rescuers save more dogs, you can support New York Bully Crew:

Rescued Lambs Bounce Their Way Around Their New Homes
– A very special thanks to Farm Sanctuary for sharing the story of these sweet lambs. Find out more at

Hairless Rescue Pup Can’t Stop Dancing
– Keep up with this very special rescued pup Dancing Nathan on Facebook:, YouTube:, and Instagram:

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  1. I am just like the pizza delivery guy anytime I see a lost animal I have to help it I bring so many animals home that I get in so much trouble! ??

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