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  1. Kind of pointless for a police officer to have a dashcam if they don't point their vehicle at what they've stopped, leaves a giant hole in their protection (say they're killed,police want to know what the suspect looks like) and in their accountability

  2. isn't it amazing a high speed police chase and just by chance they have cameras set up to catch every angle over a multi mile chase. BULLSHIT

  3. Mike force is a real genius,,,,,of corse he thinks having a turd total out the tax payers 50000$ police car is ok because he does not have a job or own any property so he does not pay taxes. I think he might be a " victim"

  4. In Canada Ontario. If we were ever caught by taking off on a police officer it is an automatic Felony. It’s taken seriously.

  5. Зачем, вообще, гоняться за кем-то?! Если нужно – пристрелить, а так страдают посторонние люди от подобных гонок без правил.Неужели, при исполнении своих обязанностей, можно нарушать все правила ?

  6. That last one … VTEC YO!!! And Mister police officer says, pit maneuver YO!!!! I was impressed with how long the Honda held held him off though.

  7. The video where the guy tried to run on foot and the cop was following in his car still. That's legend. He at least knows he can't keep up on foot so he stays in his car and has a bigger advantage to the criminal (because in the squad car the cop can now chase him up to 220 MPH or maybe higher, idk what model car it is nor what year, I couldn't tell you exact numbers)
    But that is so me as a cop. If I know I can't catch him on foot, I'm staying in my car fool. Try and outrun me now ???

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