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WORST Ski crashes people survived Most dangerous mountain falls compilation [FailForceOne]
Every hero of this video survived extreme cliff fall

1st video Devin Stratton was skiing with a friend in Utah when he decided to follow someone else’s tracks. Devin believes his sister, Rachel, who passed away more than a year ago from cancer was watching over him that day. “It was more than lucky. It was a miracle,” he exclaimed.
2nd vid Todd Ligare hits Papa Jordan a duble stage cliff in Pemberton, BC. over 40 foot
4th video A basejumper has had a lucky escape after the high bar he launched off snapped, sending him over the edge of a 1,200m cliff

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  1. 4:34 What is that guy doing backcountry in the mountains with a rental snowboard!? Stupid tourists thinking they can go pro. No wonder they get in accidents…

  2. The 1st clip was a long fall don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t as big as it looked as was recorded on a GoPro which uses a wide camera so everything seems further away

  3. i went skiing last weekend for the first time in my life and decied to go on a black diamond (most difficult) but i fell face first in the snow and my skis fell off but i couldnt put them back on so i cried loud and this nice man helped me 🙂 Btw im 10 years old XD

  4. 2:40 …this is just stupid. The entire fun of jumping off a cliff with a parachute is the part where you’re parachuting. So why would you complicate the most important part, which is clearing the cliff?

  5. lol how people assume that because a guy had a parachute he is 110% fine is funny af. do you have any idea how many adjustments you have to make in seconds in order to not fly into the cliff or break your legs

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