Village Food in Pakistan – BIG PAKISTANI BREAKFAST in Rural Punjab, Pakistan!

Village Food in Pakistan - BIG PAKISTANI BREAKFAST in Rural Punjab, Pakistan!
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Day 4 in Pakistan – Watch the entire series in order here:

Not far from Gujranwala we continued to Kot Yousaf, a small community village, still in Punjab, Pakistan. We were invited by the Bagdi family to enjoy a home cooked local (desi) breakfast – I didn’t know what to expect, but it turned out to be an amazing breakfast where the entire community came together.

But first:

You’ve already heard me saying “desi ghee” many times in previous videos in Pakistan. But desi is commonly used, even for “desi food.” But what does it mean? Here’s the definition:

Desi –
1. local; indigenous
2. unadulterated or pure

When you say desi ghee, it means clarified butter that is locally sourced, and it’s one of the most important ingredients in Punjabi food in Pakistan. It’s used in so many dishes, and it usually comes from buffaloes.

It was an amazing opportunity and experience to watch the community in the village an impressive Punjabi food breakfast. The main dishes we had were a variety of different parathas, chickpeas, and saag – a local wild spinach simmered down, and one of my personal favorite dishes in Pakistan. It was awesome to watch them make the food before we ate, and a huge thank you to all the amazing people who prepared it.

Tent pegging – After breakfast we had the special opportunity to watch tent pegging, a sport where one rides a horse, and spears a peg in the ground while racing by. It’s more than a sport, it’s an art, and it’s been a part of Pakistani culture since ancient times.

Thank you to everyone who hosted me and gave me so much hospitality and generosity. It was an amazing day in Pakistan!

Thank you to Ali (Pakistan Travel Market) and Saim who arranged and planned our day in Gujranwala.



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  1. With love from Thailand!

    The best vdo ever!! i would like to catch the next plane to this place and try these foods!!

    ps. I saw this vdo on midnight, i really hungry right now.

  2. Mark watching you from Madrid (Spain) can say 1 thing you're so lucky and privileged that you're eating that dishes which I can't find here especially the hospitality and love of our villagers????⚘⚘

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