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Compilation of crashes and accidents caused by inattention and drivers and passengers when you open the door on a busy road. Where they are also common motorcyclists who like to travel between the rows at a high speed.


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  1. One of the first things they teach you when learning the rules of the road… dont open your door into traffic, cause it'll be your fault and you lose your fucking door.

  2. I’m very glad to see this happen – if it’s a car then it’s just some damage but if you hit a biker/cyclist then it can be deadly (especially cyclist as most bike lines are right in the dooring zone)

  3. Happened to me on a motorcycle which lead for me to buy a handgun so if next time happens to me this or some road incident and not being my fault i will fucking kill them as long as nobody will know who i am or in few months i will find him or whatever

  4. Love to see at least one complete dumbass get the living shit beat out him for opening their door. The parked cars and the drivers are not paying attention.who drives that close to parked cars anyway.

  5. They should really ban drivers from hitting doors that open I don’t get the point of hitting them scaring or putting the people in the car in danger. If a car door is going to open slow down go around it is common sense or it should be

  6. Всех жалко, кроме мотобата… Там же ездить нельзя , гандоны, ха ха ха, вы же за это всех штрафуете, пидорги. Не мотобратья вы нам, а мотошакалы!!!

  7. What fucking idiot opens their door out into traffic? Unless they were just getting in that door needs to be kept shut or it will be taken off by another car.

  8. People in cars hate seeing motorcycles pass them as they have to wait. All those doors opening on the the motorcycles were intentional!

  9. I don't pity the motorcyclists.. I think lane splitting is idiotic, because motorcyclists can drive much faster between traffic than it's possible to observe. Also, it's illegal in most places, but police don't seem to enforce the law. They should, because motorbikes count as an entire vehicle in most places, so stay in your lanes.

  10. 154..the best best best and number one reason why it so dumb and cut down the.line..fool.he could been staked or needed to get in not his fault you fools on motorcycle that drive your bike c
    Between v

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