Mark Wiens – A Quick Overview of Life and How I Started Traveling

Mark Wiens - A Quick Overview of Life and How I Started Traveling
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While most of the time you probably see me eating food, I’ve been receiving a lot of questions lately asking me who exactly I am, how I started traveling, why I love eating so much, and how I earn a living. So in this video I’m going to quickly explain how and where I grew up.

I was born in Phoenix, Arizona, in the USA in 1986. My mother is from Hawaii, and she’s Chinese, so I’m half Chinese. Visiting Hawaii, where food is a huge part of the culture, is where I first became so obsessed with all things food. My grandfather was a Chinese chef, so food has been a big part of my family.

My parents are Christian missionaries, so when I was 5 years old, we moved to France for a year. I attended my first year of school in France. We then moved to DR Congo, which was then known as Zaire. We lived in the middle of the jungle and as a kid I would run around exploring and eating interesting and rather bizarre jungle creatures. Due to war in Zaire, we moved to Nairobi, Kenya, where I attended a Christian international school for 8 years until graduating from high school. After high school I went back to Arizona and attended Arizona State University for 4 years, graduating with a degree in global studies.

After graduating, I didn’t want to just get a job, so I started traveling again. I traveled in South America and then went to Asia where I finally got a job teaching English for a year. During that year though, I decided not to ever teach again but to do everything I could to make it as a freelancer on the internet and be able to have freedom to travel (and eat). It was in Thailand that I met my girlfriend, who is now my wife, so I am married!

This brings us up to now. For a living I do a combination of selling my own ebooks, freelance writing, making videos, and all sorts of other random projects like SEO and social media marketing.

Thank you very much for watching this life sketch video and if you have any questions for me, be sure to let me know in the comments below. You can also ask me on Facebook here:

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  1. I help and volunteer to feed the homeless .
    Yet seeing this and his traveling and eating "Great " .
    Must be great . (smh)

  2. Hey Mark i live in Central Georgia . i love the shows ! Me and my wife watch your videos every night . its a dream of mine to be able to travel and eat. Different foods . thank you for sharing your videos we love them . would love to get a coment back that would be Awesome !!!!

  3. Mark, my name is Wilailuck Rodriguez from Miami, FL, USA. I was born and raised in Bangkok. I resided in the U.S. in 2006. I love to travel and eat (especially desserts). I became vegeterian almost 5 years ago. My favourite places I have been are Zurich and Singapore.
    I am impressed watching you. It gives me an inspiration and a thought of switching from architecture to travel blogger. Lol… What a dream career you have!? Travelling and eat!. You go anywhere you want whenever you like, without having to deal with office policy about vacation time, projects deadline, or boss watching you. Lol…
    I wish there were your shows on Travel channel here in the U.S. Hopefully, one day it will happen.

  4. My name is Ben. I'm a chef from Germany with carribean background I would also love to travel the world and try all kinds of food. I love what your doing keep up the good work.

  5. Omg this was 5 years ago ?!! You still looked same?!
    Thank you for showing us the world and the beautiful people you meet every time.. I love your channel and I your family even tho only been watching you for like 2 months , you kindness and down to earth is everything to me and my family ??? thanks for being humble and letting us watch Micha grow up trough out your videos ?
    Blessings from us to all your family ???

  6. Hey, Mark! You are such an amazing soul. I appreciate all that you do. I personally enjoy your videos. And thanks alot for visiting my country, Pakistan. So glad to know that you have studied at Rosslyn. I have been to Rosslyn several times it's such a beautiful Academy. ALL THE BEST AND CHEERZ!

  7. my name is Barbie I m a Chinese my husband is american 🙂 and I we were watching ur. Videos in Florida last year we landed here last year ur video changed our life that we love eating talking to people and exploring different cultures we are also Christians 🙂 now we are in Pattya:) can u just email us back we d love to know how to setteling a life here in Thailand thanks so much

  8. O really like to watch your vídeos. My name is Jorge, I'm from Brazil, São Paulo State, where there are so many food due Mix of different cultures…

  9. tous les videos sont bien realisees beaucoup de plaisir regarder et sentir tous les odeurs et degustatives que tu as decrit et encore bravo

  10. Mark I want to start like you. I hv knowledge too. But I was just scared that it will not help me . How long did your chennel need to grow in millions ?

  11. I loved getting to know about you. I am half Asian too ? I grew up near San Francisco. I have been in France for about 4 years now. My stepmom is thai so I fell in love with the culture just like. I love watching hour videos!

  12. Hey Mark, My name is Jamus I'm from Mesa, AZ my favorite video so far was when you went to Mexico City with ft. La Ruta de la Garnacha. Taco las canasta the chicharron on chicharron taco made me hungry just watching that video.

  13. New subscriber from Dallas, Texas…Have you ever traveled to Texas? I watch your videos every time one pops up…Love all the wonderful different foods…??

  14. Glad i found this one. Your mom and dad has an influence on you as a missionary and that's what explains the nice attitude towards others. My grandpa was a pastor. We were brought up praying. My grandma prays all the time. Even while she works. I'm the pampered first grandchild. I used to do things my own ways. I got married when i was 17. Graduate after two children. I'm 40 plus and I'm already a grandmother of one of the most beautiful 3yrs old boy. I love your videos. I live in Mizoram, in the northeast of India. Near the border of Myanmar. We are Mongolian race. We don't look like an Indian and we like the same food as you and your wife.
    Stay blessed ???

  15. Great to hear your story Mark, you're doing a great job, such a likeable guy, I am very jealous of your ability to consume food in such quantities, and still look so slim. I only need look at food and I get fat, so what's the secret? I operate a motorcycle school in Laos, so not so far from you, Uncle Tom's Trails if you care to check me out. Big welcome here for you up in rural Laos anytime. Best wishes.

  16. I stumbled upon your videos about a week ago and I am addicted! I am Dutch- both parents. Born in Ireland, and while 4 years of my childhood was spent in the Netherlands, I have mainly grown up American. I love my homeland and Dutch treats, plus Asian and Mexican cuisine, and much, much more. I also love to travel. I hope to travel with my family once our kids are bigger.

  17. Thank you for all this information i am from Australia i have follow you for a few years now and i remember making afew comment before but i am use youtube now and i am going to start a youtube channel and all because of watching your video incourage us to do it thanks alot i wish all the best n God blessed.

  18. I am Rasha from Syria and I am teaching English but also this is not my passion! I adore food and want to make money through it ! I hope because it is really hard to work something you don’t like .

  19. My name is Edna, like you, i love travel and love cooking foodtasting food from everywhere. Food is like art for me. It creates a mood and communicates various things about people culture and brings people together. I am in Ghana Africa right now building a restaurant. i came here to find my roots and starting cooking for everyone. They begged me to open a restaurant! go figure! i actually live in Florida. I am also an above the knee amputee. I am missing my bottom left leg, i have traveled extensively and one of your videos has definetly sparked my interest n Malaysia. I didn't go when i had both legs but i'm definetly going for the fish heads experience! Thanks, time to stop babbling.

  20. Kevin – from St. Louis Missouri originally but spent 20 years in the military. Retired and went to law school. Now at 43, I've decided to leave my corporate law gig and travel full-time. Your channel has been an inspiration! Thanks for putting out all the great content over the years!

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