International Women's Day 2019 | People Are Awesome

International Women's Day 2019 | People Are Awesome
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Happy International Women’s Day! ????????

Here’s to all the awesome ladies around the world! ?

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  1. Yeah women are great … and still lonely and unhappy without a good man on their side.
    It is both. Yin Yang Dao. Man and women are great. Why create a division even if subtle?

  2. Damn, people are so quick to talk about how feminists are toxic but take one look at some of the comments from men being butt hurt. How dare us women have one day to celebrate the fact that we can have an education and have a job unlike years ago, such a shame that the world is letting us do that. Not talking about all men by the way just a lot in this comment section can't handle the fact that women also have a day just like men where they can celebrate ☺

  3. We are in the midst of a civil war between men and women. Hollywood has been portraying men as weak and stupid while elevating the woman as intelligent, wise, and strong (masculine). This International Woman's Day fiasco is proof of that outcome. Men have been sissyfied by Hellywood, media, and the judicial system while women have been masculinized and made heartless by the same to the point where they are no longer useful as a wife or even a friend of man. Gone are the days of the lady to be desired by men or the man to be cherished by the lady.

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