Incredible Hurricane Harvey Horse Rescue | The Dodo

Incredible Hurricane Harvey Horse Rescue | The Dodo
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Incredible Hurricane Harvey Horse Rescue | This horse was trapped in rising floods from the hurricane — when these heroes decided to jump in to save her. To help animals being affected by Hurricane Harvey, you can support the Humane Society Disaster Relief Fund: Check out the original video of this incredible rescue here: Special thanks to Jeremy Brumley and @College Station Fire Department (

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  1. Gracias a dios que lo rescataron estos hombres pobre caballito estaba muy asustado y sus ojitos con lagrimas deve haver estado muy asustado ,pero me imagino que ahora felis. ??????????????por el rescate.

  2. I am almost in tears those guys were so nice they could have died but they took the risk and I am sure that horse is so great full

  3. What a waste of resources. I hope they slaughtered the horse afterwards to make dog food out of it, so that the useless animal has a purpose at least.

  4. Con que tristeza estoy viendo todo esto . En nuestro Planeta estan pasando cosas
    Terribles . y esto es mundial no es que pasa en un solo pais sino que esta cambiando
    El clima haciendo desastres esto es lo quehizo el hombre destruir nuestra casa el planeta
    Nuestro unico lugar donde vivir.??????????

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