Indian Chai – Drinking Amazing Tea in Clay Cups in Kolkata (Calcutta), India!

Indian Chai - Drinking Amazing Tea in Clay Cups in Kolkata (Calcutta), India!
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In Kolkata (Calcutta), India, chai is served in clay cups. When you first get there and have your first cup of chai served to you in a clay cup for just 4 – 6 Rupees you be amazed! How can they afford to put chai in such nice cups every single time? But after you’re in Kolkata for a while it will soon become a norm and you’ll have a few cups every day without even thinking about using a clay cup and tossing it away every time!

It’s the simple things like drinking hot fresh chai on the side of the street that make Kolkata, India, such a great city. I happened to be traveling in India when it was winter and the weather was freezing cold, so we stopped numerous times per day for a clay cup of hot chai!

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  1. best tea ever! but you should have it in the maidan area of Kolkata preferably just after evening showers in Jul/Aug….u will feel something! 🙂

  2. Please let me know, if anyone have an idea about the machine for making clay cups. I am interested to purchase automated clay cup (for tea) making machine.

  3. hello mark wiens , i'm Akmal from malaysia . and i am culinary art student . i love the way your look expression and i like how you describe the taste . you are so inspiring me mark , keep it up bro .

  4. In US people honk on a mistake… In India people honk to tell they are coming and avoid a mistake, but in the chain reaction everybody honks and no one listens…

  5. The point of the clay cups is to do with the Caste system. In the past and even till now (secretly) the Upper Caste Hindus do not touch anything touched by the lower castes. So using a cup then throwing it away guarantees that the cup hasn't been previously used before.

  6. Actually it is to encourage Handicrafts Industry of jobless women and kids (Who actually make these mud cups for a living) and promote a Greener Environment, And because India has a Major problem with garbage disposal.

    Also, The Mud Pots are pretty cheap and give the Chai sellers a great amount of Profit and they are popular because they can't be re-used (Some Roadside shops are actually very unhygienic and try to re-use plastic cups)

  7. Interesting video. I've seen this on Rick Stein's programme the other day. He explained that it is because many Indian people don't like the idea of drinking from the same cups that may have been used by those of lower castes, so they feel that these disposable pots are free from saliva contamination. Perhaps this is the same reason for their preference to eat with their hands over western utensils. I don't know if it's true, though.

  8. Because of your awesome videos and your facial expression after your first bite I've been imagining Im in India also…In the city of Madras…Madras Indian buffet here in California…All I can eat…Burp!

  9. no never. in my 30 yrs of being there and drinking that chai, it never happened. just because they are poor and doesn't look polished doesn't mean their hearts inside is dirty.

  10. no. everyone throws them away. there is a whole industry in India making clay cups. Now they have started giving tea in clay cups in the trains too. its just more eco friendly.

  11. it does add a flavour.. the feeling of clay in your lips gives a strange twist to the overall taste. But I don't know how to put it in words. One thing for sure, it tastes heavenly.

  12. Hey Mark,

    i just wanted to say thank you. Me and my family visited Thailand several times. I love eating thai food and profited a lot from your guides and enjoy watching your videos. One point of criticism would be that they're always making me hungry as hell 😀

    Best wishes

  13. Just randomly found your channel, and can tell that you are a true traveler within seconds. You really seem to open yourself to the culture(s), and that is the key to good life & travel.
    Subscribed! I wish to visit India as well.

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