HOW TO NOT DRIVE – Car Driving Fails and Road Rage (October 2017) #673

HOW TO NOT DRIVE - Car Driving Fails and Road Rage (October 2017) #673
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HOW TO NOT DRIVE – Car Driving Fails and Road Rage (October 2017) #673 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. Why is it that men never make that loud inhaling "*gasp*!" sound? Or scream out loud for that matter (or much less often)? That can't be a trained reaction.
    My guess…probably to be loudly decried by feminist nazis, is that women evolved and/or learned to scream to get the men to come and save them; they are making an "alert, danger!" sound to warn the men something is going on (and possibly to warn their offspring as well).

  2. Last clip… guy might have been high or schizophrenic (however you spell that word). But wth and wtf, if he was religious and actually ordained by God, he could have at least done that at a crosswalk or at least said three words then let the drivers go by. But he could also be a dangerous hitch hiker. Or suicidal and couldn't take his own life. Maybe that's why the effer laid down.

  3. 07:11 "I gotta be first"
    lookit this complete imbecile. pulls out to pass semi at same time semi pulls out to pass someone else. cammer doesnt give a fuck, drives on shoulder cause he GOTTA BE FIRST. Heaven forbid he pull back safely into traffic a follow behind. nearly collides with oncoming traffic, gets back into the passing lane and still tries in vain to pass a semi going uphill. What kinda shitbox is he driving???

  4. Some of the junctions in Russia are sketchy as hell. I'm not surprised there are so many accidents. Then add the Muppet drivers who exist and the sketchy level get's raised by a factor of 100.

  5. Dude in the last clip was clearly trying to communicate that he was ordained by God to walk down that lane directly. Sheesh he was just doing his job ya know? ;p

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