Two stray dogs get separated during the rescue – see what happens next and please share.

Two stray dogs get separated during the rescue - see what happens next and please share.
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This rescue was much harder than it shows… getting two dogs together is a tricky thing and required a lot more running than I could show on this short video (this is why I was out of breath by the end of the video).
Please watch all the way to the end for special cool links to the Hope For Paws coloring book and more.
Last thing: please, please, please share the video so we can find them an amazing home.
Thanks 🙂


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  1. When they caught up to the 1st rescued dog, the look on its face is amazing. The look of being scared and relieved at the same time. HFP has such great film editing in capturing the animals emotions.

  2. One day my dog ran away and we had no idea where she went. Then we found her cuddling with another runaway. We caught her and as we were leaving we noticed the other dog followed our car almost all the way home. We found out who owned her and we became best friends. Thanks doggo.

  3. You are the champion of dog rescue videos. The best rescue and follow up , clean and happy dogs and outside having fun. Just show real food and water when you're going to get them – The path to a dogs heart = Food & Water. The path to a dogs trust = Petting and Talking.

  4. We are all creation of GOD including all ANIMALS if we all see each other like one every human would have a home and every ANIMALS would have a home and there would be no more hunger i

  5. I wonder if anyone ever posted a video about a sad broken pig that's giving up and is just waiting to be killed and turned into breakfast meat. As bad as it is for so many pets do people ever think about the meat they eat?

  6. God Bless you all thank you for helping them???OMG they are so cute ????please give updates on them ????? did they get adopted together in a loving forever home ??????

  7. These dogs are so precious. Please help me to understand how people can do this to an animal. Just leave them. My sister says these people that are mean,abusive ,hurt,hit,kick and dump them out when they are through,or no longer want them usually turn out to be serial killers. Anyone that can beat a dog even if they claim it is to make them mind more is really taking their anger on the dog. Oh they are mad at something or someone,someone needs to teach this person a lesson.

  8. I just want everyone to know they should like as many of these vids as they can because that helps raise money as well as donating

  9. Couldn't bear to see the sorrow in your eyes. How long have you two been suffering on the streets? Living on a miserable street life like this? We ought you two a decent life to live on. Let's go! We promise you two, no more straying on the streets again!

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