Stupid Drivers – Car Fails 2018 December #887

Stupid Drivers - Car Fails 2018 December #887
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Stupid Drivers – Car Fails 2018 December #887 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. You would think stupidity is behind most of these accidents rite? WRONG. What looks like stupidity, is almost always going to be the product of a long running selfish attitude. These people are simply doing the selfish things they usually do and get away with, only this time they have pushed their luck that little bit too far- this is what it is all about!

  2. Why is it you never see any sports cars in these videos? It's almost like the people preaching about how their unsafe are safer than the people preaching

  3. anyone who rear ends a car is plain stupid.
    either not looking/ paying attention or not leaving enough space between the car in front and themselves

  4. I love how at least half of these are avoidable if the driver not at fault would look around and mind surroundings a little bit. If ive driven like these ppl (i have right of way so i go no matter what) i wouldve crashed like twenty times last year alone…

  5. Wonder how many were texting or talking on their cell phones? Because some of these accidents just seem mindlessly oblivious

  6. For those who crashed off the road in the country lanes have they never heard of putting their lights on high beam??. ????????????

  7. I actually had a car crash not long ago. We were driving with a defender on a icy Road. We tried to stop but we could not stop, because our car was too heavy. Soooo ya ;D and the next day our car stopped on the highway and someone crashed into us AGAIN from behind. I had a really fun weak ;D

  8. Why is always China Russia and Europe ? Watching this vid. Makes me believe there’s absolutely no brains and lots of stupidity on that side of the world

  9. Скучная нарезка. Половина видосов была у Автострасти на канале ещё неделю назад

  10. How do you spot an idiot driver on the road? Look for the idiot that speeds on wet/icy/snowy roads. Anyone that passes and speeds in unsafe condition like that, Well, I'm sorry to tell you the truth, but YOU ARE AN IDIOT.

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