BIG ANIMALS CAUGHT IN FIGHT – Amazing Rare Animal Documentary – Nat Geo Wild

BIG ANIMALS CAUGHT IN FIGHT - Amazing Rare Animal Documentary - Nat Geo Wild
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BIG ANIMALS CAUGHT IN FIGHT on TAPE (MUST WATCH!) – Amazing Rare Animal Documentary – Nat Geo Wild Full Documentary – CAUGHT IN THE ACT video Documentary!

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  1. In 2018 I saw one of Seochogu Umyeondong=牛眠洞(牛=cow, calf, star)'s local Catholic priests wearing a National Geographic or Discovery jumper… and i was surprised when a little girl around age 5? with her dad in Hanam Shinsege department store in front of MAC said to her dad that "there's a lion/lioness!" when there was almost no customers or lion looking like objects on the cosmetics floor in 2019, while i suffered so much from abusive South Koreans again in 2018 and went to church then. Perhaps people with will can seek independence and then genuine friendships and trust from a new group of people after they take off from their old family and friends with nature as companion and finding signs and fitting puzzles along the way to self-realization AND JUST MUTE EVIL FOREVER ALONG THE WAY

  2. Can someone help me with the transcription of this video? I need it for an assignment, at least to minute 10, I would really appreciate it.

  3. Seems like such animals are put together to make bucks….the fact that iy is filmed and watched Nat geo has turned nature into something very ugly, violence based and money driven for a sick audience.

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