THE ULTIMATE German Food Tour – Schnitzel and Sausage in Munich, Germany!

THE ULTIMATE German Food Tour - Schnitzel and Sausage in Munich, Germany!
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If you have one day to eat, this German food tour of Munich will give you some serious satisfaction. I have to admit, I going to multiple back to back restaurants to eat German food is a challenge – German food is so hearty and so filling. By the end of this food tour in Munich, I was ready to sleep immediately!

Here are all the details about the restaurants and prices of the dishes I ate:

1. Andy’s Krablergarten
Andy’s Krablergarten is known for their schnitzel, and they serve it up in a huge way. The cutlets are made from pork, and they are big and fried fresh. I tried a Hamburg schnitzel with eggs and a Munich style schnitzel with horseradish in the breading. It was fantastic.
Address: Thalkirchner Str. 2, 80337 München, Germany
Price: 10.90 EUR per schnitzel

2. Andechser am Dom
This is a nice German food restaurant, located on the side of Munich Frauenkirche, a major landmark in the heart of Munich. They serve a variety of traditional German Bavarian cuisine. My favorite dish was the mixed sausage plate, but the leberkäse was also good.
Address: Weinstraße 7A, 80333 München, Germany
Total price: 36.30 EUR

3. Ice cream at Schuhbeck’s Eissalon
Address: Pfisterstraße 11, 80331 München, Germany

4. Bergwolf
Bergwolf is a German fast food restaurant in Munich, and their speciality is currywurst, a plate of sausage topped in sauce and fries. It’s not the healthiest of all German dishes, but it sure tastes pretty amazing – one of those 3 am kind of dishes.
Address: Fraunhoferstraße 17, 80469 München, Germany
Price: 5.40 EUR

5. Augustiner Bräustuben
Augustiner Bräustuben is a classic German brewery and restaurant in Munich, Germany. You’ll find some very classic Bavarian dishes on their menu and a good selection of beer.
Address: Landsberger Str. 19, 80339 München, Germany
Total price: 24.25 EUR

Thank you for watching this German food tour of Munich. I hope it will provide you with some tips on where to eat amazing German food when you’re in Munich!

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  1. Leverkäse is also called fleischkäse. Basically a hot dog/bologna kind of meatloaf. Slice it, throw it on a bread roll and you’re set ?

  2. Meeen, me and my wife make a Asientour for 7 month right now, when I see all my good as German food?jeeessus I miss my sausages and bread ??

  3. Man o man!!!
    I was stationed in Bamberg Germany while on active duty and I must agree German Food is very filling and hearty.
    The Bier is to die for and the Kurrywurst need I say more!!!

  4. Human speaking to Chicken
    Human: I will eat your chest frayed with your babies boiled on it.
    Chicken: why!!!?
    Human: Because you are delicious.
    The legend says that it was then when chicken lost their minds and started clucking.
    Human then added and also because you have no mind.

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