LION vs TIGER (Best Compilation 2019 #1)

LION vs TIGER (Best Compilation 2019 #1)
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  1. The Siberian Tiger; length 3.3 meter, height 1,2 meter, weight 320kg (till)
    African Lion; length 2.5 meter, height 1.2 meter, weight 250kg
    Barbary Lion; length 3.3 meter, weight 280kg

    I have studied differences between tiger vs lion for several years. I almost believed tiger could win mostly this battle against lion. But;

    Even-though tigers body size are bigger or longer than lion,
    Even-though tigers fang and claw are slightly bigger.
    Even-though tigers can fight by standing on their back-feet.

    They have a killer instinct when lion got warrior instinct. Imagine that even murderers avoid to fight trying to run away when there shows near-level fighter. Tiger do same as murderer. And they live by hunting and depends on alone. So, they know that if they get injured at fighting, they will starve and die. That’s the another reason they avoid to fight.

    On the other hand, lions live with their pack. So they can depend on their pack when they get injured. So they fight. And even though they don't hunt, they always fight against other male lions to protect family and own region. So they attack till the end like a pitbull when tigers getting panic. While tigers are good at boxing by standing on their back feet, lion attack to their hips and neck by creating bigger injuries. And final answer of this argument is lions mane. It looks on many occasions that tigers really cannot do death bite to lion which must direct into lions neck. End of story. Don't do stupid comment like what if they do not have mane. Mane is one of that animals feature. Thanks.

  2. It is a menu that appears as a regular when claiming the superiority of the lion. This is also half right. The mane acts as a cushion to absorb the impact. And it also protects the teeth from the teeth and the toenails. When a male grows a mane, it is twice as big and it is effective to overwhelm opponent. The individuals that occupy the throne in the safari are mostly mane. But the important thing is that mane does not provide much greater defense than you think when fighting strong beasts like lions and tigers. In particular, mane to a tiger who punches a punch is not a defense. Above all, when the lion is lying down with a force, it is useless to mane when the tiger bites its neck. The tigers 'fangs are over 10cm in length, which is enough to bite their necks through the lions' mane. Indeed, in the wild, there are also cases that lions dies from a neck injury by opponent.
    Some lions which have rarely mane become king of zoo.
    A representative lion is “tus” in Korea's zoo .
    When he became king ,he had no mane. Then, at the time of his mane growing, he was pushed out of the throne. Mane is an effective threat tool and defensive but not absolute. There are weaknesses in the fighting, and the more abundant the mane, the more the obstacles to the divergence of the body temperature. If the duel is fought for a long time, the body may overheat and it may be difficult to preserve physical strength in a fight.

  3. I don't know. A lot of the ones you gave to the Tigers, they were playing around. And you showed only a little part. Sorry can't give you a thumbs up. And this does seem like click bait.

  4. Female tiger hunting and fighting better than female lion for sure when they comparisons
    But male tiger just hunting better only than male lion Because lion have mane for protect his neck when they have fight must take the time to much and tiger easy for heat body So male tiger will can't fight for long time

  5. You're wrong about submissive watch Kingtherpod King channels with evidence. Watch Somprakash Shukla difference between Tiger vs Lion. Let me say something in Savannah 2 nomadic Lions try to over throw dominant male dominant male took that position the 2 nomadic male give up is that submissive or defensive position. I watched on YouTube.

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