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Bad news everyone. Nobody did anything awesome this month. Not a single trick or flip was landed anywhere in the world. We’re going to have to change the channel over and start featuring fail video compilations instead. Welcome to PEOPLE AREN’T AWESOME.

Thanks to the original & greatest fail channel FailArmy for the clips.

Music: Ezra Furman – Wobbly

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Original Videos:
0.00 – BMXer crashes attempting to backflip

0.07 – Skateboarder attempts to no look kickflip
0.12 – Guy attempts to leap over moving car

0.15 – Guy faceplants after front flip

0.17 – Skateboard trips over chain fence

0.19 – BMX rider falls off ledge

0.23 – Kid flips out of trampoline cage
0.26 – Parkour guy slips

0.28 – Skier bails on grind

0.31 – Parkour kong fail

0.33 – Longboarder speed wobbles

0.37 – Her daughter just fell

0.41 – Wakeboarder face plants

0.46 – Skateboarder lands on back

0.49 – Scooter backflip fail
0.51 – BMX snaps in half

0.54 – Spotter lets gymnast faceplant

0.57 – MTB frontflip fail

1.00 – Strongman drops shoulder press log

1.03 – Golf cart wedgie

1.11 – Guy attempts double backflip on scooter

1.16 – Summer ski training fail

1.19 – Girl slips and falls off diving board

1.22 – Black belt hurts his hand board breaking
1.30 – Young skier fails to land on airbag

1.36 – Snowboarder crashes into car

1.41 – I love helmets

1.48 – Rollerskater backflip into faceplant
1.50 – BMX Wheelie 360 fail

1.52 – Motorcyclist disappears over wall

1.56 – Weightlifters knees buckle during lift

1.59 – BMX 180 fail

2.03 – Guy faceplants on sand dune

2.07 – Sandboard fail

2.11 – Parkour flip fail
2.15 – Snowboarder discovers portal to another universe

2.19 – Faceplant on flow rider

2.23 – BMX ramp crash

2.28 – Skier crashes through trees

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  1. Literally just got back from doing some jumps on my bike and falling off…. No pain no gain they say. I say don't drink beer and jump off a 15ft dip. Hurts alot when you land…

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