Animal attacks – Wild dogs attack hyenas – Animal fights

Animal attacks - Wild dogs attack hyenas - Animal fights
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The video shows the struggle of lions and hyenas for prey and territory. Hyenas are dangerous predators and can attack and take away prey from lions.
Hyena is a wild mammal that belongs to the placental infrared class, the order of predators, the suborder of cat-like, the family of hyenas. These are quite large animals, the length of the body with the tail can reach 190 cm. The maximum weight of the hyena does not exceed 80 kg. The body of the predator is powerful and muscular, considerably widened in the thoracic region and narrower in the sacral part.
 A hyena-shaped dog, an African wild or a hunting dog, is a deadly ornament of the savannah. These bright animals with colored patterns on the wool fill the continent with a melodic “laugh” and “twitter”. Dexterous predators who adhere to the hierarchy in the pack, terrify the herds of ungulates. A man without a gun is not afraid of them, but hunger forces them to attack large and small animals – mostly wild ones. The range of distribution of the breed is decreasing, and so far none of the painted dogs has been tamed.
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