Tanks on the Road – Funny Military Fails and WTF Moments

Tanks on the Road - Funny Military Fails and WTF Moments
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Tanks on the Road – Funny Military Fails and WTF Moments – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. So Russians crash tanks loading on trucks, crash trucks with tanks on them or drive tanks and crash them….good thing they are armored. So what happens in war? 40% of tanks crash and never make it to front? Soviet answer, make lots of tanks!

  2. When I see a "Tank fails compilation" I immediately translate that to "Russian tank fails". Sad but true. You know this. It is the same for any driving fails compilation. Fact is: RUSSIANS SUCK AT DRIVING.

  3. So it wasn't the Russian Winter or the lack of German supplies in WW2 that's the reason the Germans lost? It was more that Russian Tankers have no idea how to drive, so the Germans had no idea where to shoot? And before they knew it, the Russians were in Berlin.

  4. Xe quân dụng không thể tham gia giao thông chỉ để chiến đấu nơi chiến trường núi non hiểm trở nếu có đi trên đường thì phải chạy chậm mà chạy tốc độ thì khi xảy ra tai nạn thì quả thật là khủng khiếp.

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