Street Food in India – Bengali Fish Curry and Rice on Camac Street, Kolkata, India!

Street Food in India - Bengali Fish Curry and Rice on Camac Street, Kolkata, India!
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Kolkata (Calcutta), India, is one of the most best cities in the world when it comes to street food. A quick walk around the central part of town and you’ll find jhal muri, kati rolls, ghugni chaat, pani puri, and plenty of other delicacies. But when it comes to full meal options, a snack just won’t cut it, and you need real plate of rice – and luckily, Kolkata is full of street food meals as well.

In this video I went over to Camac Street, just south of Park Street for lunch. It’s a business street, not overly crowded or dirty, and they are known for serving lots of food to employees each day for lunch. There are a number of places to choose from, and when I saw a crowd gathered at this lunch stall serving Bengali food, I was ready to order. I had no clue what he was serving as everything was contained in big pots with the lids shut, so I just ended up order a mixed plate with fish curry. It was accompanied by cauliflower curry and some kind of potato curry as well as a chutney and pickled onions and carrots. Standing on the side of the Camac Street I dug in with my fingers. The food was wonderfully tasty, the fish was especially good.

After cleaning my plate clean, you just toss your plastic plate on the ground somewhere and proceed to wash your hands while someone pours water for you.

One of the best things about eating street food in Kolkata is that it won’t break your budget. This delicious full lunch of rice and curry cost me just 30 Indian Rupees, which is equivalent to about $0.55 cents, a pretty steal of a deal in my opinion!

If you’re not full, you can proceed to eating any number of other street food along the road or just grab a cup of chai in a clay cup.

It’s really easy to get to Camac Street in Kolkata, it’s just off the main Park Street, then go down Camac Street at lunchtime and you’ll be greeted by delicious street food!

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  1. I was a big fan of #FOODRANGER but now I'm a big fan of you as well because you are so pleasant buddy! Please visit my country Bangladesh and Review the amazing food there.

  2. बचपन से सुनता आ रहा हु की बंगाली लोग मछी बहुत खाते है इसलिए इनका दिमाग तेज होता है।

  3. If a platter is replete with hot Rice and the concomitant side dishes like cauliflower curry, potato chips and fish curry, it usually gets finished in a jiffy.

    In Bengali we call it "গরম ভাত সঙ্গে ফুলকপির তরকারী, আলুভাজা আর মাছের ঝোল".

  4. The Best Part In Every Video Is That;When You Eat Then U Bend To the Right Side.
    I Jusr Love It and Your Impressions On Your Face And A Smile WOW Love It
    Love U Mark ……… Best Of Luck For Your Coming Videos

  5. One of the early days of mark wiens. The real mark wiens. Now he just gets paid to promote a cuisine or a country and his vids are so rehearsed and expertly edited. He also acts well.

  6. Mr. Weins, is there any foods you would not try? Have you eaten anything in the past that you would not try again? Anxiously awaiting a response. Oh, please name the foods, the country of origin is not important. Thanks.

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