Trying to teach driver! (Road Rage & Instant Karma 2016) #2

Trying to teach driver! (Road Rage & Instant Karma 2016) #2
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Trying to teach driver! (Road Rage & Instant Karma 2016) #2- Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!

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  1. If someone brake checks me and I hit them and my car still works then I'm just gonna get their plate number and drive away. But if someone brake checks me and I don't hit them then I'll wait till there are no surrounding vehicles and I'm gonna pit maneuver them off the road.

  2. Rule 1: If you drink and drive or text while driving, go F yourself.
    Rule 2: If you get out of your car to fight, go F yourself.
    Rule 3: If you tailgate, go F yourself.
    Rule 4: If you blatantly stop in the middle of the road just to get back at somebody, go F yourself.
    Rule 5: If you don't agree with these rules, go F yourself.

  3. My philosophy. You brake check me you're trying to do me physical harm and I will defend myself. I'm going to drive over you and then drag you out of your smoldering wreck and beat some sense into you.

  4. tailgating cunt at 2:15 got what was coming to him. If that guy in front legitimately had to brake the same thing would have happened. He can see there's nobody in front of the guy in front, so why would you brake hard and swerve when you know he's brake checking you?

  5. Brake checkers and phone yakkers … I'd like to see them all lined up against a wall and shot repeatedly with 00 buckshot. I will include tailgaters in that group. Certifiable imbeciles, all.

  6. The thing is if people allow these fucktards to drive however they want and fuck with TRUCKS with their passenger cars, they deserve to be teached by getting fucked by one…

    I'd never ever fuck with a truck on road, the heaviest car you can have in Europe is 3499 kilos or 6999 lbs, that's literally nothing against the trucks that start at 7 tons for just the truck itself and the full weight of them can be anywhere up to 60 or 70 tons.

    50mph/80kmh of 60/70 tons in your rear is NOT a good idea, trucks cannot brake as fast as a passenger car as well so if you fuck with one your car is dead and you might be as well, or alive and traumatized or with one of your arms or legs missing.

    + Why or How the fuck does anyone have time to waste like that if they're so "in hurry"?

  7. Tailgater Karma. It is not right, but if you are going to get that close to the car in front of you, what do you actually think is going to happen. Either you get lucky, or the driver brake checks you or actually has to stop and you hit the car. Ether way, not the smartest way to drive.

  8. There will be always idiots behind the wheel, who pull in front of you and step on the brakes. But why so many people are tailgating?? It is so stupid.

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